Key Factors To Consider Prior To Setting Up Your On-demand Business In The Market
Key Factors To Consider Prior To Setting Up Your On-demand Business In The Market
The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. Every entity that emerged from this world must accede over this universal phenomenon, and there is no possible escape from it. Wait, isn’t it an in-depth study about the rise of Uber for X? Very well, it is.

The paradigm mentioned above has turned the international business scene in an upside-down fashion in the disguise of COVID19. The fuming pandemic has created turbulence, and at the same time, an array of fresh opportunities beyond comprehension by any scale of business sensibilities has been created.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t require a Business Strategist to break down what’s happening in the commerce universe. To brief up in a couplet, most business operations have been heavily damaged; yet industries like on-demand delivery of food, grocery, alcohol, and other essentials have peaked and made an eccentric surge in demands and of course, revenue. The post-COVID era is touted to be dominated by these apps that track their origin from the business model of uber, popularly known as UBER FOR X.

What Is Uber For X?

Attaining adulation on-par with slang words among the business community, UBER FOR X is a euphemism for the On-Demand business model that is adaptive to any concurrent category. The ‘X’ goes for the name of the service associated with the Uber model. Brimming with versatility, the UBER FOR X model has revolutionized the delivery industry with customer-centered brand value and an attractive value proposition.

Why is that so? That’s because the business model has eased and relished even under the most tenacious situations. One can start any business he/she likes based on this model. Want to incubate a food delivery business? Eager to enter classified marketplace business? Willing to take advantage of running a grocery delivery firm? You are covered.

What Do The Numbers Say?

The online food delivery business, core to the popularity of UBER FOR X model, has made a global revenue of over $100 Billion and tipped to cross $200 Billion in 2023.(source: BusinessWire)

The total spending in eCommerce is touted to reach over $4 Trillion in 2020. (Source: Statista)

The online grocery delivery is expected to cross the $200 Billion mark in 2020 and register a 24.8% CAGR. (source: Grand View Research)

The number of online shoppers has also dramatically increased from the 1 Billion marks to around 1.5 Billion in 2020. (source: Grand View Research)

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