Is Uber for X an Efficient Business Venture?
Is Uber for X an Efficient Business Venture?
An astonishing fact is that 72% of the people availing on-demand services are happy. When people are content with the service, the market will keep increasing exponentially.


The fast-moving world demands services on the go. Uber revolutionized the market at a more rapid rate than expected. Multi-services services are on-demand and are becoming an instant hit wherever launched. Apps like Uber for X have brought varied services to our doorstep. People find it affordable and convenient for doorstep services. An astonishing fact is that 72% of the people availing on-demand services are happy. When people are content with the service, the market will keep increasing exponentially. Already 42% of the US population is using at least one on-demand service. The reason behind this booming market and why these multi-services apps can be an efficient business venture is discussed here

Why is Uber for X a major hit among people? 


  • Development script: Uber for X, by far, has the best development script. It has features that attract users. The features are innovative and user-friendly. The development of such a script involves strong technical knowledge, clear vision about the app and a thorough market study. 
  • Customer satisfaction: All features of the app aim towards customer satisfaction. Be it the services offered or the discounts on those services, Uber for X has customer satisfaction as its first and foremost aim. 
  • Sustainability: Losses are bound to occur in any industry. The sustainability of Uber for X greatly adds to its success story. Frequent updates and immediate resolution of user reviews have vastly helped them in making a strong foundation.
On-demand Multi-services App - A demand in the market? 


People find it comfortable if they can order a pizza, book a cab and shop groceries in a single app. Multi-tasking is the need of the fast ticking hour. A multi-service app can be hugely profitable considering the demand of the people. Some interesting stats for your view,

  • According to Statista, the global e-Commerce platform will generate $4.8 trillion by 2021.
  • There were 204 Billion number of App downloads in 2019 indicating people demand more from the market. 
  • 23 companies have already generated revenue of more than $1 billion by January 2019 through the on-demand industry. 
  • According to Intuit’s economic survey, 63% of the workers are leaning towards the on-demand market for supplementary income. 

It is crystal clear that people are tending more and more towards on-demand service apps. This multi-services app market is expected to mushroom it’s way to the top of the pile. Now is the time to step into this multi-billion dollar business venture. 

What are the popular services in this booming market? 


Now that we know the scope of this on-demand multi-service market, what are the services that fare excellently well in the market? 

The services offered can greatly influence the productivity of the app. The top-performing apps include, 

  • Transportation 
  • Food delivery 
  • Healthcare
  • Services of Household including Babysitting, plumbing, etc.
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Logistics and Fleet management

These services are of major demand across the globe. But providing services that suit your locality can be highly beneficial. How does one decide the services that are to be offered? 

How to determine services to be offered? 


A major service in a particular locality can provide glum results in the other. Here are some criteria that help you decide the services to be offered. 

  • Market study: The demand in the particular market greatly influences the services to be offered. For example, the Gojek app after an intensive market study offered bike hailing services in Indonesia. It was a drastic hit. Market study always helps in providing efficient services. 
  • Customer Feedback: Although this may sound laborious, the services that the majority of end-users find undesirable can be taken up. This largely fills up the void in the locality and adds to customer satisfaction. 
  • Budget Involved: Determining the budget involved in the business can come in handy. It is of no use dreaming of services that you cannot afford. Identifying reliable services that match your budget can prove beneficial to the business owner. 
  • Strong Foundation: A strong foundation can help you prevent losses that are bound to happen initially. Proper planning and utilization of resources are mandatory. Management skills are highly essential to survive in the market.  


The end-users comfort towards using the app determines the sustainability of the app in the market. With advancements in the market, people tend to rely more on these on-demand app services. It may be an exaggeration but people are indeed pushed to a state where survival is dependent on these on-demand services. Easily accessible and user-friendly features have made these on-demand Uber-like apps the talk of the town. Entering this business venture can prove to be highly scalable. Multi-services apps reduce the navigation of people to different apps for different services. Extensive market study and advanced analysis can help you survive the market for a longer time-frame. Why are you still waiting?