Improve Academic Writing Skill With Using Teel Structure
Improve Academic Writing Skill   With Using Teel Structure
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Most of the students face difficulty to draft an impactful assignment or other academic paper such as essay, report writing, etc. They do lots of practice in writing but due lack of awareness of writing skills they cannot compose a well-written paper. To improve their skills in writing they should learn the concept of TEEL structure. It plays a vital role to make your assignment impressive in order to achieve good grades.  

Using TEEL structure in writing is the best way to develop a quality-oriented academic paper. TEEL stands for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link.     

What Is TEEL Structure? 

TEEL is the best method to organize a paragraph that makes you able to develop strong sentences in an extensive way. Students can improve their skills in writing by using the TEEL structure. It has not a particular set of guidelines, it is a technique. You can learn this by using the right approach and gathering related information. TEEL structure technique can apply in every type of essay.   


How to Use TEEL Structure In Paragraph  

Topic Sentence- The TEEL Structure starts with the topic sentence that gives the whole information about the topic. While writing the essay, you should give clear information about the topic in the paragraph to grab the reader’s attention. You should explain the topic in an attractive way so that reader can go further in the assignments.    

Explanation- The next paragraph gives detailed information to the reader about the topic sentence. You can describe the topic in detail explanation with a strong argument to give a better understanding to the readers. You should use clear and precise sentences to explain the information. Writing a lot and making lengthy sentences may confuse the reader, so you should avoid this while writing.  

Evidence- To make your argument more effective and strong you should use the proper evidence as part of the TEEL structure technique. You should include the appropriate evidence in response to the arguments that you have used. These pieces of evidence help the reader to get a better understanding of the description of the topic or your arguments.  

Link- It is the last but not least part of the TEEL structure. It makes a link of all paragraphs and summarizes in short of all previous paragraphs in the proper manner.  

The TEEL structure looks like an essay. Similar to the conclusion of the essay, the linked paragraph concludes all the paragraphs. It makes an important impact on readers.     


Why Use The TEEL Structure In Writing? 

There are many benefits of using TEEL structures in writing. First, it helps you to clearly explain your topic by giving proper arguments and evidence. Intensive research is required to maintain the quality of work. You should maintain the proper sequence of information while explaining information in paragraph writing.    

With the use of the TEEL structure technique, you can improve your writing skills in a better way.  You can get an idea about what to write and how to write by using the right approach. 

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