how to sell game pragmatic to a skeptic
how to sell game pragmatic to a skeptic
how to sell game pragmatic to a skeptic

Big Brother is entering the half-way stage so here is a short round-up of four of the nine established characters and how they fair in the betting market.


Current Odds: 1/2

Pete has remained the undisputed favourite to win Big Brother ever since he fell down the stairs to mark his entrance. His odds-on status is justified since he appears to be the nicest and most genuine person incarcerated in the house and he has proved there is more to him than his Tourettes outbusts and nervous ticks. Pete is the unlikely romeo of the house, with Lea, Lisa and Nikki all falling for his unique charms although he claims not to be interested in any of them. At the halfway point, it is difficult to see past Pete as the winner of Big Brother, since the producers love a journey and a slushy story about Pete being accepted for who he is is being played out right now. Its all predictable and contrived, but its what mainstream television is all about, right?


Current Odds: 11/2

Even though Pete is the likely winner, Nikki has been the best ever contestant on Big Brother bar none. Do people like her really exist and if so, how on earth do they survive in the wider world? Nikki is 24, but behaves like situs game pragmatic someone well short of hitting even their teenage years. Everything upsets her. She cries when shes nominated, she cried when her fellow housemates had to wash her for a task and she cried when she couldnt get her MP3 player to work. However,