How To Play: Shell Shockers
How To Play: Shell Shockers
Controls Gamepad is now supported! WASD to move Left-click to shoot E to change weapon Q to throw a grenade R to reload Space to jump Shift to zoom and aim

How To Play: Shell Shockers

You can start the game at shell shockers , the game has a guest mode and a membership mode. For starters, the guest mode is the fastest way to start the game. At the start, you have the opportunity to choose the items that best suit your skills. We will start with the item Eggk 447 - A great item to start the game with (statistics show that up to 60% of players choose this item to start) it is a great item for your dash, and support teammates. Once you've chosen the right item for you, press play to begin your journey


The control mechanism is extremely simple, if you are familiar with or have played through any FPS game, it will not be too difficult to get used to shelling shockers.

Keyboard and mouse
  1. W: Forward
  2. S: Backward
  3. A: Left
  4. D: Right
  5. Left Mouse: Action
  6. SHIFT: Aim
  7. SPACE: Jump
  8. R: Reload
  9. E: Swap Item
  10. Q: Special Item
  1. 0: JUMP
  2. 7: Action
  3. 6: Aim
  4. 2: Reload
  5. 3: Swap Item
  6. 5: Special Item

You can also actively turn off and on unnecessary game sounds. This customization is accessible through the main screen.

Besides playing for free, you can experience the paid feature of the game. Shell Shockers offers 3 packages $6/1 month, $14/6 month, and $49/1 year. With paid, you will not need to see ads, and many items to customize. many special rewards and get 2x points for every turn.