How to Log Out of Cash App on Another Device
How to Log Out of Cash App on Another Device
Here are two easy-to-go methods that can help you log out of the Cash App from another device.

Log out of your Cash App account on another device very easily

Many users often wonder how to log out of Cash App on other devices if lost or stolen device. If you are stuck with the same query, then you have to take a few measures on your mobile application to sign out from the Cash App.


Cash App is a mobile payment app that is used for sending or receiving money. Cash App has over 8 million users, and it is known as the most secure money transfer app. To maintain maximum security, Cash App needs to restrict some login attempts to protect its users.


Suppose you have successfully created your Cash App account, and it has been working fine so far. Then, one fateful day, you try to log into your account, and you encounter the much-dreaded message: Cash App unable to sign in on this Device.” Naturally, you must be afraid of losing all your hard-earned money in the Cash App account in such a situation. 

You don’t need to worry as you can still get back into Cash App if you experience login errors. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the ways through which you can log out of your Cash App account if you are having any issues with it.


Log out of Cash App from another device


If your mobile device has been stolen or lost, follow these steps to ensure your Square account information is protected; hence you should log out from your Cash App account. 

Here are two easy-to-go methods that can help you log out of the Cash App from another device. Simple steps to sign out a Cash App account:


  • Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen
  • Tap Sign Out
  • Then enter the phone number or email associated with the account you wish to access
  • Follow the prompts


Lost or Stolen device – Contact Cash App customer service


Suppose you have lost your device and now want to log out of your Cash App account; you need to contact the Cash App customer service in such a situation. The customer service team will automatically log you out of this app on all your devices, so anyone trying to access the app will require your password to log in.

However complicated the problem you are encountering is, it’s possible to help and resolve your problems quickly. The experts working at the Cash App support hear your query, register it, and start working on the Cash app Login issue.

Along with this, they help you log in to the Cash app on your new device. You can trust them as they are the ones who possess years of experience in handling Login Cash App issues easily. With the below-mentioned methods, you can contact the Cash App customer service


Using the phone number:- The phone number given on the official site can be used to talk to the experts. It is possible to dial it anytime as it is round the clock available, ensuring you a supportive hand at any given time of the night and day.


Using the email address:- Additionally, you can also use an email ID as a direct source to reach the experts. You can send your queries, request applicable answers, send your comments, and much more. Finding an instant response is assured.


Using the live chat:- For quick assistance without the hassle of this telephone, you may choose to talk with a live expert. You may anytime kindly send a Hi message on the chat panel and set your questions regarding the Cash App Sign in on this device.