How to Get Quality Backlinks
How to Get Quality Backlinks
Previously, to increase the link mass, experts posted links on various thematic forums. Now such methods do not work, because. Search engines have changed the algorithm and learned how to track and evaluate the quality of backlinks.

For external links, the authority of the site, the presence of a large weight and the high rating of the domain on which it is located are important. Spam sites have a low status, so they will not be able to quickly build up link juice. Posting on sites that do not match the subject of the recipient may result in sanctions. Backlink analysis is the work that needs to be done so that the site does not fall under sanctions. If you find bad links, you will need to clean them up. This is labor-intensive work that requires special knowledge. Therefore, it is better to address this issue to backlink companies.

Types of backlinks

Purchase links. They are divided into eternal and with daily payment.

natural links. Their site receives from the webmaster for free.

Not all backlinks help improve a site's reputation. Some can be extremely negative. Next, we will talk about the criteria that indicate the quality of inbound links and what backlinks benefit the site.

Quality criteria affecting the link mass:

Traffic. The higher the attendance, the better. The time that visitors spent on the site is also important.

Subject. The theme of the site you plan to link to should be similar to yours. Otherwise, the backlink may be perceived by the search engine as spam.

The presence of sanctions. If the site is under the filter of search engines, then placement on it can only do harm.

The age of the resource. If the domain is less than a year old, then placement on this resource is not particularly profitable. In addition, the link mass of such a site will be low and, accordingly, the weight of the backlink will also be small.

For high-quality link building, it is important to think about the reputation of the donor resource and the quality of the hosted content, in which the back link will be located.

How to make website backlinks work

The number and quality of external links depends on the issuance of the site by search engines. If sites with high authority link to your resource, then the positions in the organic issue will grow. When questionable sites link to you, search engines can impose penalties.

Regular checking of the link mass allows you to analyze who and in what context refers to your site. You will be able to track in time whether competitors will try to “crush” you by placing low-quality links to your site.