How to create an account and subscribe to the Disney plus?
How to create an account and subscribe to the Disney plus?
Disney plus is a world-famous company providing streaming services. The most famous items including the Disney plus are Micky mouse and the stories related to it.

What is

  • Navigate to your web browser.
  • Visit the
  • The link will redirect you to the activation page.
  • On the activation, the page enters the 6-digit activation code present on the Tv screen.
  • Now click on the activate button.
  • Enter the login credentials into the desired fields.
  • Now, look towards your tv screen.
  • The tv screen will change from the activation screen to the Disney plus shows.
  • The shows will display on your screen.
  • Hence, watch your favorite show or movie on Disney plus.

How to create an account and subscribe to the Disney plus?

Following are a few steps that will guide you to complete the account creation by subscribing the Disney plus;

  • First of all, go to any web browser on your device.
  • You need to perform it either on a laptop, PC, or smartphone.
  • Then search for the Disney plus official website which is
  • On this website, you will get a login button in the upper right corner.
  • Click on this button.
  • The next page will ask you to fill in the login details.
  • At the bottom of the required credentials, you’ll get a create account button.
  • Click on “Create Disney plus account”.
  • The next form will ask you for some personal details.
  • Enter all the legal details such as Gmail Id, create a strong password, and select your country.
  • Now proceed to the create account button.
  • Before it, select the checkbox for the agreement and service policies and then clicks the create account button.
  • Verify the Gmail by visiting the Gmail inbox and then clicking on the link sent by Disney plus.
  • Now sign in int your Disney plus account using the Gmail id and password.
  • Now scroll down or simply at the right upper corner, click on the subscribe button.
  • Select any suitable plan for yourself.
  • Click on the subscribe button present below that plan.
  • Then enter the payment details and make the payment.
  • Here you are subscribed.
  • Use this account and activate the on various devices.


How to watch the Disney plus begin code using Amazon firestick?

The amazon firestick and related devices such as Roku are needed where the tv is non-smart and don’t support the external application. So to proceed with the setup;

  • First of all, set up the firestick and then switch to the respective HDMI port.
  • Then go to the amazon play store or app store present in the amazon firestick.
  • Search the Disney plus application and then install the application simultaneously.
  • After it, open the application.
  • You get two methods to switch to your account.
  • The first method is to directly enter the login credentials and then simply click on the login button.
  • The second method is to directly go to the android smartphone.
  • Open the Disney plus application in it.
  • Then navigate to the menu bar.
  • Then go to the active device option present in the account section.
  • Connect your Roku device to the same network as your smartphone is connected.
  • Then select the amazon firestick device here.
  • Simply click on the activate button.
  • Your Disney plus will activate on amazon firestick.