How to Become a VAT Registered Sole Trader in the UK

How to Become a VAT Registered Sole Trader in the UK

Are you a sole trader, wondering how to become VATregistered in the UK? You need to seek the services of tax accountants in theUK. These professionals can handle all the registration protocols for you soyou do not need to worry. There is a lot you need to know to register for VATbecause it includes the current earning threshold.

To be a sole trader, first, you need to set up a business.For this, you need to control operations and make decisions to run thebusiness. You need to decide if you would merit VAT registration or not, andthis decision will affect your customers. Therefore, it is a big decision, andagencies such as TaxAdvisor UK canprovide guidance.

What Does Being Registering for VAT Mean

It means that you pay the tax added to any service orconsumable good is a VAT in the UK.

How Much VAT Do Sole Traders Pay?

Mostly, sole traders pay an estimated 20% on most servicesand goods. You can consult professional tax accountants in the UK to guide youon this better.

The Benefits of Registering for VAT

Registering for VAT voluntarily comes with several benefitsfor sole traders. Here are some benefits:

·      It prevents financial penalties because ofcrossing the VAT registration threshold. The last thing you want is HMRC takingaction against you for not paying tax.

·      Enhances brand reputation. Upon registering for VAT,you get a registration number, which you can display, on your website,brochure, stationery, etc. It enhances your brand image as a reliable business.

·      Claim VAT on services and goods bought forbusiness. You end up saving a lot on purchases made for the business.

·      Reclaim on goods you bought at least four years beforeregistering for VAT if you are still using them for the business.

How to Become VAT Registered

Once you decide to get VAT registration done, you will needto register the business with HMRC. This would involve submitting importantdocuments and filling a form to apply. It can be quite a tedious process.

Hiring Tax advisors in the UK can save you from all thehassle as the professionals handle it all for you. This helps ensure that you have minimal risk ofHMRC inquiries into your tax affairs. If you worry that there may be cash flowproblems, we explore the possibilities and defer the tax payments until we fixthe problem. Alternatively, the tax advisors will negotiate a payment plan withthe HMRC on your behalf so that you do not have to worry or take any stressabout it.

Tax accountantservices extend to analysing your returns to see if you can make any taxsavings. Tax advisors in the UK also review the forms to fix any anomalies thatneed correcting before submitting the forms. If you need professionalassistance in preparing and submitting the VAT returns, the tax accountantshandle it all for you.