How Kinesiology Can Help Us?
How Kinesiology Can Help Us?
Often people ask me what does Kinesiology do? Despite each session and experience varying subject to the practitioner you see, the bottom line and aim is the same: the key purpose is to balance the nervous system by down regulating the stress response.

What is the stress response, you ask?

It is a complex signalling system often referred to as “fight or flight” and is an important and normal bodily response that serves to keep us safe and protect our survival and well being. Stress is a normal, adaptive response to something that threatens us, whether it is a real or perceived threat. But it can become problematic when we are stuck in this state for long periods of time or constantly triggered.

Did you know that when stressed our brain cannot decipher between a real or perceived/imagined threat? Our body responds exactly the same releasing the same stress hormones!


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