How Important Is a Cat scratching Post for Your House?
The first thing that you need to understand is the fact that taking a cat as a pet is a very big responsibility.

The first thing that you need to understand is the fact that taking a cat as a pet is a very big responsibility. The second one is the fact that a cat requires a lot of attention and different types of supplies, like a cat scratching post and cat litter crystals. If you are not able to provide everything for your cat then it is better to not own one at all.

Without supplies, your cat will still search for ways to take care of its needs. And these ways will damage different parts of your house. For example, without a scratcher, your cat will find alternatives. It will start scratching your furniture or your couch, or everything that it can scratch. But why does your cat do that?

Why Do Cats Love to Scratch All Around the House?

Scratching is one of the basic needs of your cat. Through thousands of years of evolution, the claws of a cat adapted to grow continuously. If you forced your cat to stop scratching, then its claw will grow and they will start harming the paw. This is the reason for which cats periodically scratch things. It is not a useless habit, it is a necessary one.

If you want to make sure that your cat does not destroy your house with scratches, then your best option is to provide it with a cat scratching post that it likes to use. As you can imagine, the same is true for  cat litter crystals. If you do not provide a place that your cat enjoys to use, then it will take care of its needs all around the house.

Cats have many needs. If you want to take good care of one and to also keep your house safe, then you need to make a thorough research about its needs and the solutions that you can use. Make sure to do thorough research if you do not want other unpleasant surprises. For example, you need to know that cats do not use every type of scratcher. There are certain requirements that the cat scratcher needs to accomplish.

How to Choose a Cat Scratching Post That Your Cat Will Use?

A  cat scratching post  needs to accomplish 2 main requirements before any cat will use it. Otherwise, no cat will use it, not even once in a while. The requirements are:

- Stability. Keep in mind that cats scratch to maintain their claws sharp and they will never do it on unstable items. This happens because cats will consider this type of scratchers dangerous. This is their instinct and you will not be able to force them to use it. You need to make sure that the scratch is stable enough before buying it.

- Shape. While scratching, cats have the habit to stretch as well. Your cat will not use the scratcher if its shape does not allow for those types of moves. Most scratchers are tall posts, so you need to make sure that the scratcher is tall enough and it allows your cat to stretch however it wants.

Cat Litter Crystals Are Also Very Important for Your House!

As mentioned above, cats can also harm your house if you do not provide them with a place where they can relieve themselves. For this reason, cat litter crystals are also a very important requirement if you want to take good care of your cat and your home.

This type of cat litters is your best option because they offer 3 big advantages:

- Super-absorbent. Not every type of cat litter can absorb both the moisture and the smell. And this is a very important ability needed nowadays. No one wants their house to smell bad when they have the option to avoid these situations.

- Low stickiness. This is another advantage offered by crystal litters. Their stickiness is very low, almost inexistent. This means that your cat will not fill your house with paw prints. Without this ability, you would have to always clean after your cat uses the litters.

- Resistant. Cat litter crystals not only absorb very effectively, but the quantity that they can absorb is also very big. If you have a single cat, then you will have to refill the litter tray once a month. This is much more cost-effective than other alternatives that need to be changed daily.