How Do You Use A Swamp Cooler?
How Do You Use A Swamp Cooler?
While there are also certain coolers which are portable swamp coolers and they work perfectly for cooling one room at a go.

Evaporative cooling is the best way to save electricity during the summers. The swamp cooler suppliers Saudi Arabia work as the best cooling system. These coolers can easily cool an entire house. While there are also certain coolers which are portable swamp coolers and they work perfectly for cooling one room at a go.

How Does A Swamp Cooler Work?-
• The swamp coolers are also called as the evaporative coolers. This is a kind of open cooling system which works best in a climate that has low humidity levels and pretty hot temperatures. The IDEC cooling system is used.

• The swamp coolers work when they take in dry air and then it passes through a wet pad which makes it cool. And then the cool air comes inside your room.

• The swamp coolers can cool down your house and it is also much more buyer-friendly than the central air conditioners. You can buy from Swamp cooler suppliers in Saudi Arabia.

Now let’s see how you can start using a swamp cooler-

Fill In The Reservoir With Tap Water-
• You have to start by filling your reservoir. Does not matter whether you plug in the cooler next to your bed or take it with you for camping, it will not work without water.


As it needs to soak up and then evaporate. The IDEC cooling system is in use.

• Put around 50-degree cool tap water in it. After the water gets evaporated, it will then cool down the air in your room. The swamp cooler suppliers Saudi Arabia are famous for their products.

• You can put ice if you want, but it won’t help in cooling the house because eventually, the swamp cooler will not take in the ice directly so it will not efficiently help for cooling.

• However ice might also slow down your cooling process as it needs to melt first and then evaporate.

Wait For The Pads To Soak In Water-

• Once you see the tank is full you wait for your swamp cooler to get its pads all soaked up with the water before you turn on its fan.

• This is how the cooler will work. The pads will wick all moisture up form the tank and then act as fins that are exposed to the air for promoting cooling evaporation.

• You need to wait for the pads to get all soaked up before you start the fan or else it will be of no use. If the pads are not moist for evaporating then only hot air will come out once you start the fan.

• You only have to wait for 15-20 minutes maximum for letting the cooler get ready. You can get yourself one from the swamp cooler suppliers in Saudi Arabia.

Prime Up The Pads-

• There are some buyers of swamp cooler suppliers Saudi Arabia who prime up the pads first. They pour some water on the pads to make them moist at the starting of the cooling session.

• When you prime up the pads, they get ready in the beginning hence the evaporation can begin nicely. By doing this the pads can easily wick the moisture up from the tank once it starts.

Keep the fan pointed for effective results-

• These swamp coolers are not so powerful as the other coolers but they can work almost the same as other coolers if used smartly.

• You can use your swamp coolers very smartly by pointing it towards the area where you need it to be cool.

• Usually people point it at the bed, or the seating area for keeping the area cool during the summertime.

Try And Keep The Windows Open-

• This is one interesting difference between the ACs and swamp coolers. Swamp coolers work much better if the windows are left often. Whereas the ACs require a closed shut room.

• The reason behind this is humidity. The cooler will put quite a significant amount of cold moisture into the air which will eventually raise all the humidity and bring down the efficiency of the cooler.

• So for keeping the room cool and the swamp cooler uses the IDEC cooling system to do its task properly. You can consider keeping a window open for letting out all the humidity and provide some fresh dry air so that the cooler can evaporate the water into.

It is not that tough to use a swamp cooler. Just fill in the water, wait for the pads to prime up, point the fan towards a direction and you’re done. The swamp cooler suppliers Saudi Arabia sell coolers which use the IDEC cooling system.