How do I pass the KYC?
How do I pass the KYC?
How do I pass the KYC?

Identity Documents

Since each platform has its own verification mechanisms, and users need to do different activities and provide a variety of documents package, there can be a number of problems and the time to pass the KYC can be delayed, get help with the verification of users, documents, face with KYC requirements at To avoid dancing with tambourines and be prepared for anything, you can stick to some tips that will help you identify quickly and successfully.

On some sites, you can pass the check only in live mode, and you can not upload photos made in advance. In this case, you need to have the necessary documents at hand, and photos of documents are taken through a special service.

In cases where users have the ability to upload photos of documents, the KYC passage time can be reduced. To do this, select the documents you have from the list below, take a photo of them in good quality and put them in one place for quick access. Also, many exchanges require a photo of your face with your documents in hand, take them as well so you don't waste time on that in the future. 

You must follow the instructions provided accurately in order to successfully pass the check the first time. Document photos must be taken in sufficient light, without glare, without cropping the edges, and the photos must be free of foreign objects and fingers. 


Photographs of identification documents may be submitted for verification. It can be a passport, residence permit, refugee certificate, etc. The use of an international passport is preferable because it is used internationally and is recognized by all automatic systems.

Driver's License

If you use your driver's license as proof of identity you need to submit photos on the front and back of the document. Some verification services refuse the verification or do not recognize the data with this method of identity verification.

ID Card

If ID-card is used, problems with KYC passage are unlikely.

Documents, confirming residence

Bank account statement

In this case, the actuality of these documents should not exceed 3 months, and the statement should contain the address of the bank account and name of the user.

Utility bills

When using utility bills as proof of residence, they must not be older than 6 months. They should also include the data on the place of residence and full name of the owner.

Biometric data

With the development of technology, there is another, in some cases necessary, level of verification to gain access to services and platforms. Companies are already implementing systems for facial recognition or using third-party verification services. The biometric data on your face is recognized and correlated with the data in the documents provided, making this stage of verification one of the most secure today.