How do Green Energy Product works?
How do Green Energy Product works?
Green Energy

It is critical to remember that regardless of the product you purchase, the energy you consume will be a mix of green, renewable, and conventional energy. This is due to the fact that all energy sources in the electric grid are combined when they join the power transmission grid. Electricity is then distributed to households and businesses across Canada and the United States via a network of regional networks.

So, by purchasing Green Energy, you are not directly purchasing green electricity for your house, but rather paying a little premium to offset the expenses of adding more renewable energy to the grid. If you want to go green at home but don't have the room or budget for a solar panel array, this is the greatest approach to decrease your carbon footprint related with energy usage. It is also the most cost-effective strategy to boost large-scale renewable energy investment, and it provides green energy to more families and companies.

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