How Can I Choose Best Clone Script For My eCommerce Business?
How Can I Choose Best Clone Script For My eCommerce Business?
Amazon Clone Script

Online shopping platforms like Amazon made a rebellion within the retail business. during this fast-running world, nobody wants to wait for a long time, everyone wants their needs at their doorstep, and it saves their time.

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to buying their groceries, electronics, dresses on digital eCommerce platforms like Amazon. So, the Multi-vendor eCommerce platform is one of the foremost successful and desired platforms to forge your business digitally and entrepreneurs can earn huge profits in the eCommerce business.

Do you want to launch your multi-vendor eCommerce business idea into reality? You’re within the right spot. Yeah. Trioangle is the best on-demand app development company that provides the remarkable Amazon clone script that comes with enlightening features and high-tech functionalities which helps you to make your multi-vendor eCommerce script like Amazon.

Why Amazon Clone For Business?

Amazon is that the most trusted e-commerce app used by millions of users worldwide due to its speedy delivery, affordable product price, and therefore the quality of products offered in this app. This helped Amazon to reach a more extensive customer base. the first factor behind the huge success of Amazon is its integrated shopping platform, which helps connect vendors who provide their products to Amazon and also sellers who directly sell their products to the users in a single platform.

Amazon Clone

Amazon Clone Script is a powerful e-commerce script that helps you develop and launch your e-commerce platform, the same as Amazon. we provide you with the most effective Amazon clone script, which encompasses a highly intuitive Amazon clone website and Amazon clone app for Android & iOS.

Amazon Clone Features

  • Social media integration

  • Wishlist option

  • A fast and simple checkout process

  • Hassle-free payment method

  • Social Media sharing

  • Multi-vendor platform

  • Follow seller/user/store

  • Advanced search filter

  • Unique designs, etc.

Merchant panel

Our Amazon Clone Script is a multi-vendor platform. Were multiple merchants and multiple products can be sold under one platform.

Buyer panel

It's easy to log in & Sign up with our Amazon clone. Users sign-up through various social media logins like using Facebook, Gmail & Apple ID. The buyer panel is designed with attractive features which attract the users to engage in online shopping. 

Revenue Model

Service Fee: Admin can set a certain amount of commission from the buyer in percentage-wise while buying products. Once the order was placed successfully, the commission fee will automatically be deducted by the admin.

Merchant Fee: The merchant can sell their products in Amazon Clone. When the buyer ordered the product and done the transaction successfully, Admin will receive the amount and deducted the commission fee, then the amount is transferred to the merchant.

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