Hire expert application migration company
Hire expert application migration company
Get Secure, on-schedule, and hassle-free application migration and platform migration services

Get Secure, on-schedule, and hassle-free application migration and platform migration services

Businesses today should stay ahead in the competitive world, keeping innovations, IT infrastructure, and costing regulations in line. With the technology improving drastically, business applications should meet the required challenges. The business will have to look for scalable, flexible, and power-packed applications that meet industry standards and requirements.

Moving your current application to a more advanced platform gains better productivity and enterprise management. By synthesizing the latest technological offerings and in-depth customizations, one can achieve highly comprehensive and stunning applications.

We at Infomaze determine the overall application strength and structure to re-build and migrate to a better platform without compromising on the workflow and at the same time improving the functionality. Studying the application’s dependencies helps us strategically plan a better architecture.

As a leader in application migration, we use open source cloud migration tools with a well-orchestrated migration strategy to move your applications to faster workloads with minimal costs and zero risks.

Custom application migration services

ERP migration

We plan ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) migrations to optimize the business management structure by integrating the business applications and CRM software to a more automated central processing system. By creating a central communication database, we help rule out the laborious task of manual business workflow.

Operating system migration

Infomaze carries extensive knowledge in migrating your application’s setup and data from the current or legacy operating system to a more advanced feature-compatible operating system. This migration drives better performance and consistent business management productivity.

Database Migration

Are you planning to move your enterprise data to a bigger space? We cover it all. With the best-in-class tools and database integrations, we help you migrate your data from one or more sources to restructured database target. We follow a planned migration strategy, including assessment, database schema conversion, database migration, functionality testing, and performance stability check.

CMS migration

CMS migration refers to moving an entire website or more websites from one CMS platform to another. Our migration specialists have migrated from every CMS platform imaginable, be it HubSpot, Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. Our CMS migration services have proved more credible in improving the website features, speed, and functionality.

IT infrastructure migration

Legacy apps are a thing of the past. Our legacy app migration service includes testing, maintenance, QA, and migrating to the cloud. With a combination of thorough assessment and infrastructure automation strategy, we help move business loads to a better IT architecture.

Platform migration

We have vast experience in moving workloads across different cloud platforms while also providing training and resources post-migration. Platform migration varies from coding, framework, backend applications, and much more. Infomaze works following the specific business requirements and fills in the technology gap.

Code Migration

Our code migration services include PHP modernization, Open Source Software modernization, RHEL/Linux to CentOS migration, etc., with greater flexibility and code. We cover code migration to its best to enhance the current application’s features, speed, security, and performance.

Cloud migration

Achieve faster, reliable, and cost-effective cloud migration with Infomaze no matter where you stand on your cloud journey. Complete 360-degree cloud migration helps businesses take their entire business management system to the next level digital platform…..Click The Below Link For More Details.

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