Healthy Snacks Market Size, Share, Opportunities, Development and Global Trend Analysis till 2027
Healthy Snacks Market Size, Share, Opportunities, Development and Global Trend Analysis till 2027
Healthy Snacks Market Size was valued at USD 70.12 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 106.9 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.8% during forecast period.


Healthy snacks include those that have significant vitamins, are low in saturated fat and added sugars and have a low sodium content. Healthy snacks are ones that leave the body feeling filled so that it does not continue to signal to the brain that it still wants food. Aim for fruits, vegetables, whole-grain snacks, and low-fat dairy. Limit foods and drinks that contain added sugar. Fresh fruit is a healthier choice than a fruit-flavored drink. Foods and drinks that list sugar or corn syrup as one of the first ingredients are not healthy snack choices. Whole fruit or fruit slices (dipped in lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown) Trail mix made with cereals, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit, or raisins. Individual serving-sized containers of low-fat, low-sugar yogurt (look for no more than 20 grams of sugar per 6 ounces) Baked tortilla chips and salsa.



Introspective Market Research report presents detailed analysis on the Healthy Snacks Market consumption trends by globally, historic and forecast consumption volumes and values at market and category level. It also provides indispensable data on brand share, distribution channels, profiles of companies active in the Healthy Snacks Market along with latest industry news, in addition to mergers and acquisitions. This allows domestic and foreign companies to identify the market dynamics to account sales overall and to know which categories and segments are showing growth in the coming years.

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Market Segmentation

By Product Type, Healthy Snacks has been segmented into:

·         Sugar Free

·         Gluten Free

·         Low Fat Products

·         Dried Fruit

·         Cereals And Oat Bars

·         Nuts And Seeds

·         Meat Products

·         Healthy Cookies

·         Others

By Packaging Type, Healthy Snacks has been segmented into:

·         Pouches

·         Jars

·         Boxes,   

·         Others

By Distribution Channels, Healthy Snacks has been segmented into:

·         Hypermarkets/Supermarkets

·         Online Channels

·         Specialty Stores

·         Convenience Stores

Key Players Covered in Healthy Snacks Market are:

Nestle S.A. (Switzerland),Tyson Food Inc. (US),B&G foods Inc. (US),PepsiCo Inc. (US),Calbee Inc. (Japan),Unilever PLC (UK),Kellogg Company (US),Mondelez International (US)

Global Healthy Snacks Segmented By Region:

·         North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico)

·         Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Russia, Spain etc.)

·         Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia etc.)

·         South America (Brazil, Argentina etc.)

·         Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, South Africa etc.)

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The pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and lockdown measures, that were implemented in many countries in order to control the virus transmission, had negatively influenced the lifestyle of millions of people worldwide. In this study we aimed to investigate the impact of the first COVID-19 lockdown period (March–May 2020) on snacking behavior, fast-food and alcohol consumption. A systematic search in PubMed®, Scopus® and Web of Science® databases was conducted and 32 studies were included. Changes in snacking, in fast-food and ordered food consumption and in alcohol intake were examined. Snacking was found to be increased for a significant portion of the population examined (18.9–45.1%), whereas fast food (15.0–41.3%) and ordered food (33.9%) showed a tendency towards decrease. As per alcohol consumption, an upward trend was observed in a significant part (10.4–51.0%) of the participants examined.

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The report offers an all-inclusive analysis of the market trends, demand forecasts, and other indicators. It further offers insights into the drivers and restraints that affect the growth of the market. Furthermore, it helps our readers to gain a clear understanding of the market by analyzing market size using different analytical tools. The report highlights current trends prevailing in the market and offers a forecast between 2021 and 2027. Increasing incidences of health disorders related to obesity have resulted in increased awareness regarding healthy eating habits. The growing digitization and access of information has further increased consumer awareness. Health and fitness consciousness are also increasing in countries such as China and India due to improving lifestyle and changing food habits.

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