What we need to live.....

Have you ever thought what to live in life?

Nowadays, we listen that we need water, air, food for life. But, we never think about what type of water, food, and air we are taking in. In today's time, air pollution is too much everywhere. We cannot find fresh air in any city. But we have 2 other options food and water for life. We can at least find freshwater for drinking. But still, we do not know what kind of water we should drink, we are not aware of the purity or impurity of water we drink or use. According to the research 8.5 to 9.5 ph. level water is the purest and healthy water, which only contains minerals and not bacteria. But Do we really drink the water of this pH level?

I don’t think we do. We have many sources of water like groundwater, supply water, RO water. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has prescribed that the permissible limit of drinking water pH be 6.5–8.5. But, in this, we have all types of minerals and bacteria. When we drink groundwater, we drink all these minerals along with bacteria. We never separate them rather drink both which is not good for our health. Supply water is also the same type. Now if we talk about RO water, it kills all types of bacteria but also eliminates all types of minerals. Now how do we drink fresh water that does not contain bacteria but has minerals in it? Can there be any water machine that gives us only minerals and not bacteria?

The Answer is Yes. IONCARES Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is the machine that will give us only minerals, and not bacteria at all. From this machine, we get water as prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) that is, 8.5pH to 9.5pH. It has now been certified as the Best Medical Device and has been certified by FDA, KFDA, and many other institutions.

According to recent researches, we have found Alkaline water is the best of all water with different pH levels. Alkaline water is the best and important for our entire body, it balances our body pH, improves our metabolism, and enhances our memory power. It acts like a waterfall that always contains freshwater.

Alkaline water helps maintain pH balance by removing acidic wastes from the body. There are many benefits of drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water relives acidity instantly in15–20 days after drinking alkaline water regularly. Alkaline water neutralizes acid waste in the body reducing the production of fat cells and helps you to maintain an optimum weight. Hydrogen water removes free radicals from the body and makes the body alkaline. Drinking oxygen-rich hydrogen water increases the oxygen level in the body and kill the cancer cells. Negative ORP generated in Ionized water removes wrinkles making you look younger. Bathing with acidic ionized water cures diseases like Eczema, Skin Rashes, Acne, and Cirrhosis.

So, Why Should we now drink the acidic and harmful water of RO or Ground Water, when we have such a nice option. Let’s Start Drinking Alkaline Water and Stay Healthy Forever!!!