Grab the opportunity with Etherdieum Pre-ICO Sale before it's too late!
Grab the opportunity with Etherdieum Pre-ICO Sale before it's too late!
ICO's are considered as one of the easiest and most favorite ways to raise funds.

 But, it is always advisable to invest in reliable ICO projects. But, how can we check the reliability of a project? You can go through these points that will help you check its reliability-team of investors, comprehensive whitepaper, token distribution, legalities, and products and services offered. 

At Etherdieum, all these points are covered because transparency and reliability are the prime keys here. It has a strategic plan for its token distribution. It has opened its pre-ICO sale on 22nd February with 2000000 tokens for its potential investors. The leftovers are available for purchase. It is continuously offering extra-tokens as a bonus to its potential investors of pre-ICO. User's buying tokens in bulk will also get extra benefits. The prices of the tokens increase slowly till the launch of the final project. It will start from $1 at the pre-ICO sale, then $1.25, then $1.50, and so on. A gradual increase in the price of tokens can be noticed here. 

Let's have a look at its benefits. 

Capital Appreciation

  • Backed by a basket of products, Etherdieum will generate revenue from multiple sources. 

  • 50% of profits collected will be reinvested back into the platform. 

  • This ensures that the Etherdieum Coin continuously accumulated value because the assets pledged against the coin boast of their own intrinsic value.

Price Stability

  • In the long-term, Etherdieum is focused on ensuring the stability of the coin's value.

  • This will help make Etherdieum Coin a good store-of-value while also making it favorable for commercial and day-to-day transactions.


  • Given its decentralized and digital nature, it is easy for a user to access the Etherdieum platform without facing any geographic restrictions. 

  • This proves beneficial for a variety of reasons, including cross-border payments or transactions that require multiple conversions of currency.


  • The use of blockchain technology limits human interference in the system. 

  • By executing transactions in a clear-cut fashion as well as storing records in an immutable and chronological manner. 

  • This helps build trust in the system and gain wider acceptance.

Closing Thoughts 

Etherdieum's ecosystem has been designed in such a way that reliability, scalability, transparency, and security are at their peak. The pre-ICO has already been launched on 22nd February. It has just started; you can be a part of it and grab all the benefits of the pre-ICO sale. Get it before it's too late!