Golden Life Drugs and Rehabilitation Center Bangladesh
Golden Life Drugs and Rehabilitation Center Bangladesh
Today, along with other countries of the world, our commitment to establishment of a drug-free society. So that our most valuable resource “young people” help themselves to develop a healthy society by avoiding this dark path of drug addiction.“Golden Life” helps the people of any religion, through their interest and practice on their own religion and treats them properly.
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Golden Life Drugs and Rehabilitation Center Bangladesh




Physical imbalance is the problem of withdral


When drug users relieved from drugs they suffer physical pain. Then theirsphysically cure by Detoxification in the medical process.

First of all, a drug addict is suffering from physical problems. Wecall this physical problem as a withdral in the traditional language. Withdralis a physical disorder that leads to drug addict drug avoidance as a result,the demand for drugs is noted in hundreds of times. They spent 1 month toovercome this physical problem. (For this a patient cannot be seen or spoken to theguardian within a month).

Medical Process

At the time of admission of a patient to our institute, we firstconduct various types of examinations by the Specialist of Medicine. Because of drug addiction, people areunconsciously involved in activities such as: use of syringes on one another,use of pipes with mouth saliva, illegal sexual intercourse etc., due to theirunconscious activities, epidemic diseases are created in their body and theyare totally unaware of these diseases. It is mandatory to do medical check-up(within 7 days).Physical checkup of patients such as: blood, urine etc;staffers of the country's renowned institution Lab Aid come to our organization for the sake of the safety ofpatients andafter passing the test, the report is handed over time.

Medical Specialist observes the report and if any signs of anydisease are seen, then the medicine of the disease was prescribed and handedover to a Psychiatrist.


A Psychiatrist looksat reports and supervises the patient's physical and mental condition andconducts routine medicine. In this case, some patients will be given medicinefor 1 time, some patients 2 times, special treatment for some patients, 3 timesa day. With these courses, the physical pain or physical imbalance or withdralof those patients will be overcome.

According to the prescription of a psychiatrist and medical officers,the patients regularly have given daily medicines by a Medical Assistant(always stay in full time).

When a drug addict gets rid of the drug addiction physically throughthese processes, it is very important for a drug addiction person to takerehabilitation treatment.

So we were able to provide a full range of treatment to a drug addict inthe next step under rehabilitation treatment in "Golden life"





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