Gojek app:A consolidated platform for our needs.
Gojek app:A consolidated platform for our needs.
Gojek Clone App Development

People prefer the Online application to the traditional means of purchase from the shops. The main reason for this demand is the timely services and doorstep delivery of products. There are only a few applications that provide multiple services. One such app is the Gojek clone

The app has three categories like delivery, ride, and other services. 

  • The delivery segment of the app consists of the delivery of food, courier, flowers, groceries, etc.  

  • The ride services include taxi, motor, boat ride, and many more. Apart from that, there are also rental services for cars and a boat.

  • On-demand services comprise doctor, tutor, babysitter, maids, and many other services.

Its usage is simple. The user needs to create a profile, search the ride and products, and book the required service or product. Contact the assigned delivery person in case of product delivery and communicate with the driver in case of ride services. The platform supports the services to be simultaneous. For example, order food and flowers can at the same time. The Gojek clone script has multiple lingua options, and it supports a variety of payment options. It is also available on various platforms like smartphones, tablets, and PC. The application is useful to both the customers and the owners, for customers, it provides the timely delivery of products and services. Gojek clone script  is a medium to expand their business and also a platform for promoting their products to the owners.

The ubereats like app provide buyers with a white-labeled application that has all the salient features. Users can customize the application, the logo, name, and many more according to their requirements. Visit the website to learn more.