Global Antibody Discovery Services Market Growth to Observe Exponential Upsurge by 2030
The Antibody Discovery Services Market is estimated to be worth around USD 6.5 billion by 2030 instead the antibody discovery platforms market is anticipated to be worth close to USD 6 billion by 2030, predicts Roots Analysis

Antibodytherapeutics have made it possible to address the hard to target hotspots,rendering the domain of antibody discovery an emerging sector in thepharmaceutical industry; in fact, the antibodies have proven to be promisingweapons in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic.

RootsAnalysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “AntibodyDiscovery: Services and Platforms Market (3rd Edition), 2020-2030.”

The report features an extensive study of the currentmarket landscape, offering an informed opinion on the likely evolution in thisindustry over the next ten years. It features an in-depth analysis of theantibody discovery technologies and services that assist in the development ofantibody therapeutics. In addition to other elements, the study includes:

·       A detailed overview of the overall landscapeof antibody discovery service providers along with the information on a numberof relevant parameters.

·       An insightful competitiveness analysis ofantibody discovery service providers based on various relevant parameters, suchas supplier power and service portfolio specifications.

·       Elaborate profiles of the prominent companiesthat provide antibody discovery services.

·       A detailed review of the overall landscape ofantibody discovery platforms, along with the information on the technologydevelopers.

·       An in-depth analysis of antibody discoveryplatforms, taking into consideration the supplier power and key technologyspecifications.

·       Elaborate profiles of the companies providingantibody discovery technologies / platforms.

·       An assessment of antibody discovery serviceand platform providers’ capability in different regions.

·       An analysis of the partnerships that havebeen established in the period between 2015 and 2020.

·       An analysis of the investments made in thisdomain, during the period between 2016 and 2020 (till April), in companies thatare engaged in the field of antibody drug discovery.

·       Detailed profiles on the top five therapeuticantibody products, which have generated the highest revenues.

·       A case study on antibody humanization andaffinity maturation, highlighting key players, the ongoing research trends andthe major challenges in this field.

Adetailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the financial opportunitywithin the antibody discovery services market across the following segments:

StepsInvolved in the Antibody Discovery Process

·       Antigen Designing

·       Hit Generation

·       Lead Selection

·       Lead Optimization

·       Lead Characterization

AntibodyDiscovery Method Used

·       Phage Display

·       Hybridoma

·       Transgenic Animal

·       Yeast Display

·       Single Cell

·       Others

Natureof Antibody Generated

·       Humanized

·       Human

·       Chimeric

·       Murine

KeyGeographical Regions

·       North America

·       Europe

·       Asia Pacific and Rest of the World

Adetailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the financial opportunitywithin the antibody discovery services market across the following segments:

Typeof Payment

·       Upfront Payments

·       Milestone Payments

KeyGeographical Regions

·       North America

·       Europe

·       Asia Pacific

Keycompanies covered in the report:

·       Abzena

·       Abwiz Bio

·       Aragen Bioscience

·       BIOTEM

·       ChemPartner

·       Creative Biolabs

·       Distributed Bio

·       Harbour BioMed

·       HD Biosciences

·       ImmunoPrecise Antibodies

·       Integral Molecular

·       Kymab

·       LakePharma

·       Ligand Pharmaceuticals

·       MorphoSys

·       PX’Therapeutics

·       Syd Labs

·       Viva Biotech

·       Wuxi Biologics

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