Generate more revenue by launching the remarkable Udemy clone app
Generate more revenue by launching the remarkable Udemy clone app
An e-learning platform will enable the users to learn new courses engagingly. Udemy is one good example of offering the best quality content. It would be best to prefer the Udemy clone app for your business.

Udemy Clone Script

Udemy is an online learning platform founded by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar in the year 2010. It provides access to online courses to learners, which were uploaded by instructors. There are more than 155,000 courses available on this platform. Learners can purchase these courses and learn at their own pace. Nearly 40 million students have enrolled in 480 million courses across more than 180 countries. As of February 2021, there are 70,000+ instructors registered with the Udemy app. 

What are the ways in which an e-learning app like Udemy generates revenue?

Being the leading online platform, Udemy follows 3 revenue models to earn revenue from its app. Let’s explore now.

1. Subscription fee from the learners

Udemy Pro, a monthly subscription service, was launched in November 2019. It is beneficial for the learners who are looking for IT certificates. 

The learners who want to avail of this plan have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $19.99. Then, they have unlimited access to subscribed content.

2. Commission fee from the instructor

As mentioned earlier, courses on this platform are uploaded by the instructors. After uploading, they sell the courses. Whenever the instructor sells the course, Udemy charges a certain percentage from them as a commission fee. 

The revenue splits between Udemy and instructors are paid user acquisition, organic, and instructor promotions.

Instructor promotions sales are made by the instructor through coupons or referral links. Organic sales are made without any marketing by Udemy or instructors. Paid user acquisition sales are made by implementing a marketing strategy.

Let’s see in detail.

Learners purchase the course either organically or through promotion. Depending on how the sale has been made, Udemy and the instructor will split the revenue accordingly.

Revenue share:

  • Paid user acquisition sale – 75% to Udemy and 25% to instructor

  • Organic sale – 50% to Udemy and 50% to instructor

  • Instructor sale – 3% to Udemy and 97% to instructor

3. Udemy Business

Udemy also operates on a business-to-business (B2B) revenue model. They provide more than 5000 courses that were taught by more than 1500 instructors on the business platform. 

It lets more than 7000 enterprise clients a tool to train their employees. Some prominent clients are Adidas, Lyft, Volkswagen, and 

Udemy charges $360 per user if a team of 5-20 users is availing of this option. And, it is custom pricing for an enterprise of more than 21 users.

 How does Udemy differ from other e-learning platforms?

There are many e-learning apps in the market and this leads to more options for learners and instructors. Still, Udemy is the most popular and preferable app among learners as well as instructors. Below are some of the points explaining how Udemy is different from other apps on a positive note.

Ease to navigate

It is fair to say that Udemy has established itself as a market leader. Even though this platform has a minor bug, users can easily navigate through various options and find courses. On the flip side, it isn't easy to navigate and find courses on other competitive e-learning platforms.

Ownership of course materials

The course uploaded by the instructor only has the ownership of it. If the concerned instructor wants to delete the course, he/she has access to do so. Even after deleting the course, the existing learners who have subscribed to the course can view the course. Whereas, on the other platforms, they own the courses even though the instructors have uploaded them. The instructor does not have the right to delete the course.


Udemy offers a guide and links to linkbuster in which the users can report pirated content. Then, the reported content will be deleted from Google search results.    

Subscription model

Udemy’s revenue model is based on learners purchasing a specific course and the platform charges accordingly from the instructor as a commission fee. There are other platforms that follow the pro-rata model in which it is difficult to gauge success as an instructor.

Udemy Clone – A highly profitable e-learning app solution

Are you interested in developing an e-learning app? Udemy Clone script is the perfect solution that enables you to launch your app immediately, as this is a readily available solution. This paves the way for learners to access various online courses and connect with the instructors hassle-free. It is a great alternative platform to traditional classroom learning. Udemy clone is packed with general features and built using recent technology.

The customization option lets you incorporate any new features in your app during Udemy clone app development. An integral part of the success is ensuring that your app is wrenched with user-friendly features and bug-free. With the ever-changing environment, including innovative features that appeal to the user becomes a necessity.

Make sure to integrate multiple payment gateways so that the learners can prefer their convenient payment modes to pay for availing the online courses. The predominant benefits of the Udemy clone app are listed below.

  • Customizable

  • Scalable

  • White-label

  • Robust

  • Highly secure

  • Budget-friendly

Wrap up

Online education has a bright future as the way of learning has changed in this digital age. Therefore, choosing the Udemy clone app is beneficial as it enables you to launch your e-learning app in a jiffy and generate huge revenue from it by investing less. Everything to do is partnering with a trustworthy mobile app development company and get your customized app right away.