Gate opener in Los Gatos, C A
Gate opener in Los  Gatos, C A
Entry gates Entry gates are either sliding gates or swinging gates that close and open via an electric-powered mechanism. These gates offer you the convenience of not having to physically open the gate in order to gain access. Additionally, entry gates come with a variety of methods to unlock such as card readers, keypads, remote

Gate opener in Los Gatos, CA

Security Gates

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about security gates. Security gates are a very useful feature in your home and an inexpensive way to increase the safety of children. They are also relatively easy for anyone to install and maintain with a few helpful tips from you!

First, what is a security gate? A security gate is typically a tall metal barrier that completely covers the top of your doorway (sorry cats). This can be installed in almost any door frame or window opening, but the main feature they have is bars that close off both sides of the gate. These gates offer quite a bit of flexibility as some have a choice of hardware to help you mount the gate to your house. Due to this feature, there’s really no limit to the kinds of doorways you can get it for!

There are two basic types of security gates. The first is what I would call a single-sided gate and this one only has bars on one side. They typically use a tension system that allows pressure from one side (typically the wall) to hold the gate up in the doorway. The other type is called double-sided security gates and these are thicker, with more bars running along both sides on top and bottom. These gates are typically hardware mounted and can be installed in larger doorways.

So now that you know what security gates are, let’s get into our top 5 tips for using them:

Tip 1 – Check Your Childproofing! Some of the most common reasons for installing a security gate is to keep your child out of a certain room or off the stairs. For this reason make sure that you’ve checked your childproofing before you buy. You can do this by seeing if there are any gaps between the floor and table/chair legs where your child could fit through or any gaps between banisters on staircases. It’s very important to take this step before you install a gate because it will help you to be able to adjust the gate once you get it home.

Tip 2 – Measure! Security gates are typically hardware mounted so they are made to glide over the door frame or window opening. With that in mind, make sure you measure the opening in your doorway and match those measurements up with a model that is going to fit! If the gate isn’t going to fit into your doorway, then consider getting something else instead of a security gate. Read More......