Gas Meter And Its Types
Gas Meter And Its Types
Elster gas meter in UAE is used at industrial, commercial and residential buildings which consume fuel gases that are supplied by a gas utility

A gas meter is basically a specialized flow meter which is used for measuring the volume of the various fuel gases like liquified petroleum gas and natural gas. Elster gas meter in UAE is used at industrial, commercial and residential buildings which consume fuel gases that are supplied by a gas utility.
It is a little tough to measure gases than liquids, as the measured volume is highly affected by pressure and temperature. Elster gas meter in UAE measures a certain distinguished volume, regardless of the pressurized quality or quantity of the gas which is flowing through the meter.
Various types of Elster gas meter is commonly used depending on the flow rate of the gas which needs to be measured, the anticipated range of flows, the types of gases being measures and various other factors too.

The various types of gas meters –

The volumetric rate of flow of the gas is measured by using certain types of gas meters. This variety of Elster gas meter in UAE are designed for detecting the several gas types and it’s flow.
These are some of the various types of Elster gas meter-

The diaphragm meters –

• This is the most commonly used gas meter. It is almost found in all small commercial and residential installations.
• Within the diaphragm meter, there are around two or even more chambers which are formed by the moveable diaphragms.
• Then the gas flow is directed by the internal valves, expelling and filling the chambers with gas, producing an almost constant flow through the meter.
• The diaphragm gas meters are basically positive displacement meters.

Turbine gas meters-

• The turbine has meter infers had volume after determining the gas speed by moving through the meter.
• It is really important that the flow condition remains good because the gas volume is inferred by the flow.
• There is a small turbine which measures the speed of gas which then gets mechanically transmitted to the electronic or mechanical counter.
• These meters don’t impede any gas flow but cannot easily measure the low flow rates.

Rotary meters-

• The rotary meters are fully machined precision instruments which can handle higher pressures and volumes than the diaphragm meters.
• Within the Elster gas meter there are two lobes, rotors, which spin in precise alignment. Along with each then they take, they move a particular quality of the gas through the meter.
• The way it operates is quite similar to a roots blower. The crankshaft has a rotational movement which serves as one primary flow element and it might produce electrical pulses for the flow computer or it may also drive an odometer type counter.

Orifice meters –
• The orifice meters are simple and they are in the form of a straight tube. In the centre, there is one orifice which creates a kind of pressure drop which is proportional to the flow.
• If there is a high amount of flow then there will be a decrease in pressure and if there is a low amount of flow then the pressure will also increase. Hence, if you measure the pressure at the orifice, then you can also easily calculate the gas flow.

Coriolis meters –
• The Coriolis meter provides a direct flow of mass measurement which is based upon the force of deflection of fluids which move through a vibrating tube.
• These Elster gas meter runs independently on the fluid properties and they are also extremely accurate along with capabilities of high turndown.
• These Elster gas meter in UAE come pretty expensive. And they are not suitable for the large pipe sizes.

Ultrasonic flowmeter-
• The ultrasonic flow meter measures the difference in the transit time of the pulses which travel from the downstream transducer to upstream transducer. In comparison to the amount of time from the upstream sensor back to the downstream transducer.
• This meter style is perfectly accurate. It is a bit costly but it also has a great turndown ratio and amazing manageability.
• The ultrasonic meters are mainly used in the pipeline meter stations in high pressure and high flow applications. You require it in places where even a little bit of inaccuracy can result in great negativity.

These were the types of Elster gas meter and it’s functionalities.
Look for the Elster gas meter in UAE for fulfilling your industrial or commercial requirements.