FODUU - eCommerce Web Design & Development Company
FODUU caters to clients from USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, India, Israel, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, China & to Japan. The core of FODUU is designing in terms of Web, Graphic, Interior, Exterior, Walk through & Advertisements. The company has built over 2000 websites and offers expertise in Web Design & Development. The company recently started working in Mobile App Development and 3D Design as well.

Indian online retail reached 17.52 billion dollars by 2018 and will raise up to 64 billion by 2021

Ecommerce website designing requires perfect employment of user interface and user experience. A blend of these two executed wisely can create magical e-commerce websites. It's pretty obvious if the website is user-friendly providing convenient navigation then you automatically satisfy the first condition to keep the visitors engaged. And when the visitor stays for long the chances of conversion and sales also increase. Each element of our eCommerce website designs will offer customized functionality of your online store to help streamline your business and create an online retail presence that is enviable. E-commerce website designing companies in Indian create a domain-specific retail architecture that merges current trends with clean coding to ensure eye-grabbing user experiences for maximizing conversions. FODUU provides complete eCommerce website solutions at affordable prices. With our unmatched e-commerce website development and hosting services, your dream site can become palpable. Along with good user experience, there are two indispensable features a quintessential eCommerce website design should possess and those are fast loading and responsiveness to various browsers and devices.