Fetching high revenue by assimilating a diverse revenue model into the Udemy clone app
Fetching high revenue by assimilating a diverse revenue model into the Udemy clone app
E-learning app like Udemy

Nelson Mandela once said, 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.' While education can change the world, you change the way to education using the Udemy clone. For getting an education, you need not have to undergo learning in a classroom set up every time, you can instead use Udemy clone where online classes/courses can be taken up. Use a udemy clone script and develop an excellent online educational platform. Let us look at the revenue model that can be assimilated to fetch good revenue. 

Primary courses 

This the primary source of revenue where the admin is credited when a new user/student enrolls in a course. Each course's cost differs depending on the type of course, module, facilitator, and much more. 

Revenue by commission 

After the user completes a course, a commission is availed from the associated instructor. This can be availed after the completion of a course successfully by the user. 

Revenue by subscription

Users can subscribe to various articles and videos on the Udemy clone app. The subscription fee imposed on this can be yet another way of revenue generation.  

Revenue through ads 

Advertisements can boost up revenue. Advertise organizations of similar interests and relatability to the users, through which you can generate income. Advertisers can pay you based on clicks/impressions/visits. Thus this is an easy and effective way of monetizing your app.

Develop an Udemy clone with the right revenue model and fetch good profits by providing valuable educational services to the students.