Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the classic treks as it brings thousands of trekkers throughout the year, A unique culture and a wide range of mountains along with the flora and fauna are the main highlights of the trek that has to offers entirely.

Everest Base Camp Hiking

A trip of a lifetime, trek to Everest base camp is surprisingly the most attractive hike that you should try at least once in a lifetime.  This epic journey through the most striking corner of the mountains while exploring the unique lifestyle of the legendary mountains Sherpa people, enjoying the huge numbers of the massive snowy peaks, through the most ancients temples, monasteries, and Sherpa villages along the way, Everest base camp trek is becoming more crowded day by day since it's permitted for trekking to all the travelers from all over the world, 

Identity, this trek is more popular due to its beauty of the mountain and sceneries that the place has to offer from the very first of this trek, the people are living in this area is very friendly and easy-going people with the absolutely great and warm hospitality, very supportive and helpful people. Visiting an ancients monasteries and exploring the unique lifestyle of the Sherpa people enhance your experience like a ky high so this is the reason why we call this trek is going to be a life-changing trip for everyone, 

In terms of difficulties, there are several steps to ascends and descends but nothing very technical and it doest require any strength level of physical fitness. any normal hikers can be joined in this trek without any further hesitations, it is absolutely doable even if you are hiking for the first time in the mountains,