Edible Emulsifier Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2028
Edible Emulsifier Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2028
These factors are likely to support expansion of the global edible emulsifier market in the forthcoming years.

Edible Emulsifier Market

Emulsifiers are substances with a non-polar (hydrophobic) and hydrophilic (water-soluble) component that are utilized to stabilize emulsions. For a number of reasons, edible emulsifiers, also known as food emulsifiers, are widely utilized in the form of food additives in the food processing industry. Emulsifiers are commonly employed to produce significant structural and textural changes in a variety of culinary items, such as sauces, salad dressings, dairy products, and breads and cake items. They are mostly employed to make food more attractive and to ensure that the different elements of food in preparations are consistent. The usage of emulsifiers, in particular, inhibits mould development caused by the separation of fat and oil in food items. These factors are likely to support expansion of the global edible emulsifier market in the forthcoming years.

Emulsifiers are commercially accessible and can be derived from nature, including animal-based and plant emulsifiers, or created synthetically. Lard, sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil, and rapeseed oil are some of the major raw materials utilized. Edible emulsifiers derived from phospholipids and proteins are becoming increasingly popular in modern food processing and manufacturing. Edible emulsifiers' broad use in food processing applications for a broad spectrum of dairy and bread items is a major contributor to the growth of the global edible emulsifier market in the near future.

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Global Edible Emulsifier Market: Overview

Emulsifiers are compounds characterized by hydrophilic (i.e. water-soluble) part and a non-polar (i.e. hydrophobic) part and are used to stabilize emulsions. Edible emulsifiers, also called food emulsifiers, are extensively used as food additives in food processing industries for a variety of reasons. Emulsifiers are popularly used to make substantial changes required to be made in the structure and texture of various food products, including breads and cakes, dairy products, salad dressings, and sauces. They are used mainly to make food appealing and in ensuring the consistency of the various components of food in preparations. In particular, the use of emulsifiers prevents the formation of molds caused due to the separation of oil and fat in food products.

Commercially available emulsifiers can be sourced from nature, comprising plant- and animal-based or can be manufactured synthetically. Some of the key raw materials used are rapeseed oil, palm oil, soy bean oil, sunflower oil, and lard. Modern food production and processing units are increasingly preferring edible emulsifiers sourced naturally, either from proteins and phospholipids.

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The insights offered in the report covers a granular assessment of various key factors and developments shaping the contours of the market and the emerging trajectory. Perusing through the study, market participants and stakeholders can get clear signals on promising avenues and imminent investment pockets.

Global Edible Emulsifier Market: Trends and Opportunities

The report takes a closer look at various trends shaping the key dynamics. It takes a closer look at recent technological advancements and product launches leading to lucrative opportunities that market players can leverage on.

The widespread usage of edible emulsifiers in food processing applications for a wide range of dairy and bakery products is a key factor contribution to the rapid expansion of the global market. The growing preference for bakery products and the rising consumption of dairy products are notable factors fortifying the demand for edible emulsifiers. The vast bearing the application of edible emulsifiers has on the quality and freshness of products is accentuating their demand. The changing lifestyle of people has shaped food habits significantly in developing and developed countries in recent years, such as those of Europe and North America. This is an important trend catalyzing the application of emulsifiers for making various food preparations. The purported benefits that some emulsifiers are considered to have on managing various neurological conditions and liver diseases account for their attractive demand among health-conscious population.

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In recent years, sustainable, plant-based emulsifiers are garnering widespread attention in the food processing industries. This is an attractive trend paving way for exciting opportunities for numerous food manufacturers to capitalize on.

Global Edible Emulsifier Market: Regional Outlook

The study presents an incisive analysis of the market outlook in various regions and lucrative avenues in key regions. On the regional front, emerging and developed economies are expected to remain potentially lucrative markets through 2028. In particular, Europe and North America are home to some of the globally prominent manufacturers and anticipated to contribute a significant share of the global market. The bold strides being taken by the food processing industry in developing regions such as Asia Pacific has also opened up vast promising prospects in the global market.

Global Edible Emulsifier Market: Competitive Landscape

The study offers a detailed evaluation of the competitive landscape, which covers the profiling of various players, recent strategic moves, and major product launches. The analysis also takes a critical look at the intensity of competition and key factors expected to alter the landscape over the assessment period. Some of the prominent players operating in the market are Lonza Group, Norevo GmbH, DOW, Solvay S.A., and Kerry Group.

TMR has followed the C19-TREND approach for conducting a comprehensive analysis on the trends and changes in the food and beverage sector due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Each factor is analyzed with scrutiny. These points have been compiled in the report and will assure great assistance to the stakeholders and CXOs in developing sound business strategies.

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