Eco Partnering Innovatoins, Llc Announces Dbe Certification from the Georgia Department of Transportation (Gdot)
EPI is an excellent source for emerging technologies that will enhance mobility.

SmartCity technology solution provider, Eco Partnering Innovations, LLC., achievesDisadvantaged Business (DBE) certification after a rigorous and thoroughprocess Eco Partnering Innovations (EPI), a Central Florida Smart Citytechnology solution provider, is pleased to announce itsrecent Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification awarded bythe Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).  This DBE certificationaward proves that Eco Partnering Innovations meets the stringent requirementsto do business with local and state agencies, large corporations, and federalgovernment departments, as a disadvantaged minority business entity.

“Weare honored to be DBE certified as it is a significant step in expanding ourreach in the State of Georgia,” said Stephanie Hoback, Principal – Owner of EcoPartnering Innovations. “This certification allows us to take SupplierDiversity to the next level and provide innovative technology solutionsstatewide.” Learn more at

Foundedin 2013, EPI is a Florida Certified DBE/MBE Woman Owned Business thatspecializes in intelligent hardware and software solutions for highways,intersections, and smart parking. EPI is an excellent source for emergingtechnologies that will enhance mobility.

EPI’sSpecialty Solutions Include:

EnterpriseAsset Management Software

ITS/TrafficDetection Systems & Data Analytics

RampMetering Systems

SmartParking Guidance Systems – On-street & Garage

TruckParking Availability Systems

V2XHardware & Software

WrongWay Counter Measures

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Company Name: Eco PartneringInnovations, LLC.
Name: Stephanie Hoback
Phone: (407) 377-7540
Email Address:  [email protected]