Easily Track Attendance of Work-From-Home Employees During COVID-19
Provided 'work from home' to your employees in this COVID-19 outbreak. And now, worried about organisation's productivity?

Easily Track Attendance of Work-From-Home Employees During COVID-19

Coronavirus outbreak – the biggest challenge that the entire world is facing today! People are advised to stay home to restrain its amplification and organizations have no choice but to give their employees ‘work from home’.

Remote working or working from home is safe for employees. But, what about managers and organizations?? Effective tracking of their time and attendance is a challenge that can’t be taken lightly quite like Corona. Much obviously, in office, working together sitting next to the team, it is easy to assure what they are doing. Out of sight, when the team members are working from home, assuring the same thing is definitely not easy. Although difficult, but it is important for managers to monitor team members who are working remotely (or, from home) to ensure punctuality is met, tasks are being completed, commitments are adhered to, and time is not being wasted.

Fortunately, we live in a time where technological advancements make it possible for employees to work remotely and let managers to monitor their time and attendance. One example of such technical advancement is- HeRd.

What is HeRd?

HeRd is a Human Resource Management System with features that aid managers efficiently handle their team working from home. With it they can manage all the aspects that can augment the productivity of their dispersed team. Right from attendance punching, assigning, managing and tracking tasks, reviewing performance, calculating salary, and much more is what HeRd can do for them. However in this blog, we will put light on the attendance tracking capabilities of our full-fledged HR software-HeRd.

How does it work?

It offers you the functionalities (mentioned below) for effective time management.

Grant access to your employees to clock-in and out both from web and mobile. This makes it faster and easier for your employees to record their working hours. And even more faster plus easier for your managers/HR department to record plus track these punches.

Set different break times for different shifts. Take complete control over shift scheduling and automate attendance regularization.

Define policies and time-off options for a department or an entire business unit, determine weekends, work hours, and transfer requests, set attendance policies, get rid of manually updating time and maintaining excels, and enjoy automation with remote clock-in/-outs.

Generate graphical report that displays attendance summaries. You can apply filters to check data for individual employees, or for entire teams.

HRMS System for Work from home

Manages the remote employees’ attendance easily

So, that’s simple! Stop coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading. But, NOT your organisation’s productivity. Contact us today at sales@batchmaster.com.

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