Do You Really Know The Sponge Mattress ?
Do You Really Know The Sponge Mattress ?
Choosing the right mattress will help us improve our sleeping.

During the mattress buy process, do you divide the mattress into sponge mattress, reminiscence foam mattress, latex mattress, and spring mattress? It appears that there are now not many sorts of mattresses, however, it is no longer an easy remember to actually pick a mattress that fits you.

Arrowsoft as a wholesale mattress company, we met many one-of-a-kind sorts customers.


Many clients desire to buy merchandise that meets their necessities at an excellent price. What makes me provoke is there used to be a client favor to begin his sponge mattress wholesale commercial enterprise and desire the mattress feel is firm, so all he can suppose of is to add coconut pad internal the mattress. From our communication, we comprehend the patron didn’t understand the mattress very well, he is comparable with many customers. But no worry, Arrowsoft as an expert wholesale mattress company, provides our high-quality advice for the first time. Do you understand what’s advice did we grant to him?


It uses excessive density foam to modify the feeling of the mattress. There are many clients who will suppose if favor the mattress firm, we simply can use the coconut pad. Actually, the exchange of the density of the foam additionally can alternate the feeling of the mattress. The density of the foam is higher, the feeling will be firmer.


The benefit of the trade the coconut pad into the excessive density foam.

1. Save space. If we use the coconut pad interior of the mattress, the mattress can’t be vacuum compressed and rolled up. If we use the excessive density foam, the mattress can roll up, this will be shopping the house and excellent for his sponge mattress wholesale business.


2. More convenient. The roll-up mattress is handy for transport and storage. When they promote the mattress to the customer, the purchaser can elevate the mattress easily.


3. More comfortable. Compared with the coconut pad mattress, high density foam mattress will greater comfortable. It can cowl your physique structure better.

Actually, the rolled-up mattress is very famous in the market, they love it very must. It is no longer solely desirable for the seller, however additionally handy for the buyer.


During the mattress buy process, you may additionally have a lot of matters you do not understand, it doesn’t matter, we will provide you with an excellent provider and an expert reply. Do you prefer to be aware of greater cash-saving tips? Just come to contact us to recognize more:) We have been doing the mattress enterprise extra than 20 years, I assume you can get what you choose from us!