Do's While Celebrating Your First Karwa Chauth Fast
Do's While Celebrating Your First Karwa Chauth Fast
Spend time with your spouse, bring them amazing Karwa Chauth gifts and show your love. Here you can find the best tips to keep fast in a healthy way.

Karwa Chauth is one celebration women wait throughout the entire year for! A day set apart by festivities, fasting, and feasting, it is mostly seen in the nation's northern districts by wedded Hindu ladies to wish for a long and healthy life for their spouses. Women fast during that time with no water or piece of food, possibly breaking it when the moon is seen. Consequently, husbands shower their affection on their wives by giving precious Karwa Chauth gifts.

Knowing about the do's of this promising celebration can help you in especially celebrating the day and staying away from any mistakes. Searching for the best tips to keep fast in a healthy way that doesn't worry you? Don't worry. Here is the list of do's you need to remember on Karwa Chauth.


Parlor Appointments Beforehand


Arrange the parlor a day or two before the occasion. Your waxing, threading, facials, spas, nail treatments, pedicures, etc., should constantly be done a day prior. This will allow your skin time to relax and glow on the day of Karwa Chauth.


Apply Mehendi


All ladies or women observing the fast apply Mehendi on their hands. The Mehendi should be applied a day before Karwa Chauth because it takes some time for the color to darken your hands. This way, apply Mehendi before one of two days and have a wonderful color on the day of Karwa Chauth.


Do Not Miss The Sargi


The mother-in-law gives Karwa Chauth sargi to the Bahu, which contains desserts or sweets, gifts, and food like nuts and dry fruits for her to eat before the fast begins. This complete custom is completed before sunrise. Remember, it is the one time you will eat; afterward, you can eat only after breaking the Karwa Chauth fast. Along these lines, eat well to prevent pains, tiredness, or medical problems.


Distract Yourself


Women who observe a fast on the Karwa Chauth are advised not to do any hard work. You need to divert yourself or keep yourself occupied with certain activities during the daytime so you don't remember the need to be in the middle between. You can listen to music, watch your number one series, or watch any TV show.


Do Not Include Exercises


You may be somebody who exercises daily. But, you need to set up your day per the requirements. You will be fasting for the entire day; it is fitting to save energy and not include yourself in exercises that will make you feel tired. If you want to remain active on the day of Karwa Chauth, you can take a walk or do some light yoga.


Karwa Chauth Thali


On your list of activities and get for your first, ever Karwa Chauth is a Karwa Chauth Thali! This might appear like a duh! But, it can frequently slip from your mind. These thalis are effectively available on the lookout, so it should not be challenging for you to buy one. This thali is a fundamental part of your Karwa Chauth, as many things will be placed on it during the puja.




A sieve is one more important thing in your Karwa Chauth guide. Normally, when you buy a Karwa Chauth thali, a sieve comes along with it; however, in one of those times, if it doesn't, remember to buy one! Now, if you're asking for what reason you want a sieve, picture the scene from K3G! Ok, that amazing second is the one you will be participating in, but with your partner.


Avoid The Pantry


Is your work environment one where people bond over their love for food and offer the deets on the most wonderful food places around the town? Well, that is an excellent place to be - on the entire days of the year other than this one. This way, only for that day, avoid those pantries- discussions and loads of mouth-watering minutes.


Break The Fast


Break the Karwa Chauth by first drinking water and rehydrating your body. After the fast, have a bowl of plain curd; it will chill off your body and digestive system. Avoid consuming a lot of food in the wake of breaking the fast.


So, these are some of the must-do things for Karwa Chauth. Also, dear husbands, remember to spoil your wives today if you are reading this. Spend time with them, bring them amazing Karwa Chauth gift, and show your love.