Distinguishing features of the app like DoorDash
Distinguishing features of the app like DoorDash
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Distinguishing features of the app like DoorDash

People are avoiding to step out of their homes as they are worried about the contraction of the Coronavirus. The on-demand DoorDash app is a convenient way for them to get their food delivered to their doorsteps. The main reason for the extensive use of food delivery services is timely doorstep delivery and user-friendly features. For business owners who are aspiring to invest in the DoorDash clone app, here are some of the advanced features of the food delivery app.

Advanced features of the food delivery app:

  • Hassle-free registration: Users can process quick registration by providing their email addresses or phone numbers. Users can also log in using the social media plugin option.

  • Schedule the orders: Order scheduling helps the users order the food ahead of time or want the food to be delivered to them. They can select the time slot they want it delivered.

  • Detailed Description: For each product, the description is given along with the allergic information so users can know about the food’s delicacy before buying it.

  • Know your restaurant: On-demand food delivery service has feedbacks and ratings shared by other customers for all the restaurants. Apart from that, a description of the food offered and the specialty of the restaurants are also given. So, users can get an idea before selecting the restaurant.

  • Favorites: Users can label the preferred food items as favorites and can also save frequently used locations.

  •  Add food to the cart: Users can add and remove the preferred items according to their preferences. They can directly check out from the cart.

  • Real-time tracking: Once the orders are placed, delivery professionals are assigned to pick up the order. Real-time tracking facilities in food delivery app like DoorDash allow users to know the status of their orders instantly. The estimated time of delivery is also provided along with it.

  • Payment options: Users can pay via different payment options, including credit, debit cards, and various digital wallets.

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