Differentiate your On demand multi service with our Gojek clone script
Differentiate your On demand multi service with our Gojek clone script
Gojek clone is an on demand multi service app developed by turnkeytown which is like the powerhouse that offers many number of services under one roof.

A super app is an app where multiple service apps are brought together under one umbrella. It is under one app where you can message a friend, order food for delivery, make a transaction, hail a cab, etc. it is the most convenient way to meet all our needs without any complexity of downloading several apps and then creating an account for each app and then accessing its service.

There are many on demand multi service app development available in the market, and one of the prominent apps is the We-chat which began its journey as a messaging app and then kept bringing in multiple apps under its roof and it is now a leading super app in china founded by Tencent holdings. Similarly, Gojek is an Indonesian-based super app that began as a cab-hailing app and now provides many services such as delivery services, food ordering services, etc. Super apps offer many advantages, and leading apps such as uber are heading towards becoming a super app. Let us look at some of the benefits:

How super app like gojek create more value for business

 Drives growth

More features are directly proportional to the growth of our product. More features attract more customers and thereby more profit. Super app is the way to attract more users into our market. Providing all-in-one solutions is the key to attracting more customers.  

More ways to engage with existing customers

Gojek clone app helps to retain existing customers. It helps to get the customers hooked up to a single app as there comes no need to look out for other apps for other services.It enhances better connection with the customers by offering more features and becoming reliable.

 New customers through partnership

Super apps like Gojek clone have created partnerships with other apps of self business like dominos etc. there are around 300 apps-based service providers under Gojek now, which opened a gateway for new customers. Gojek clone app allows us to explore and attain new customers into our circle.

 Attracting more investors

When the market expands, more and more investors would like to invest in our apps, and many wanted to partner with our apps to gain popularity. When partnered with an app with a broad spectrum, few unrecognized apps will be a chance to expand their incoming customers. 


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