Differences Between Solar and Air Energy Products
Differences Between Solar and Air Energy Products
This article is aiming to introduce the differences between the two kinds of the heat pumps.

Differences between solar and air energy products

1: What is the distinction between photo voltaic water heaters and air source heat pump water heaters?


The air source heat pump water heater unit makes use of air warmness as energy, however, the way it obtains electricity is active, so it is no longer affected via day and night time on cloudy and wet days. The way photo voltaic water heaters gain power is passive. It depends on direct daylight to have a higher effect. Therefore, warm water can solely be produced on sunny days. At different times, it ought to depend on common heating strategies such as electric powered heating assistance; diesel furnace help; Gas furnace auxiliary; Air supply warmth pump water heater unit auxiliary, etc.


2: What are the blessings of air supply warmness pump warm water equipment gadgets in contrast with photo voltaic water heaters?


Good energy-saving effect: the common strength saving of air supply warmness pump warm water heater devices is 65-80℅, and the common electricity saving of electric powered auxiliary photo voltaic water heaters is 40-65℅, and it can solely attain 70℅ below one-of-a-kind conditions. Smaller investment: Taking electrical energy-saving 65℅ as the standard, the funding of air supply warmth pump warm water equipment unit is solely about 70℅ of the electric-powered auxiliary photo voltaic water heater.

Strong adaptability: The air source heat pump warm water equipment unit is nearly unaffected by the weather, producing warm water round the clock, regardless of wind or rain, day or night, 24 hours a day to produce and provide warm water. The photovoltaic water heater can solely produce warm water on sunny days and is used in the afternoon and evening. In different weather and at night, the warm water in the morning wishes to matter on different strength sources. In many components of the country, the electric-powered auxiliary system of the photovoltaic water heater wants to work for greater than 40℅.


The water storage tank is small: the water storage tank of the solar heat pump water heater must be configured in accordance to the warmest water furnish at some stage in the day, whilst the air supply warmness pump warm water heater unit can produce warm water at any time, and the water storage tank configuration is solely 50% of the maximum warm water supply. ~70℅ can meet the requirements.


Small footprint: photo voltaic water heaters regularly occupy the whole floor, and the flooring location is no longer massive adequate for customers above the ninth floor. The air supply warmth pump warm water generator unit device solely wishes 1/9 of the place of ​​the photovoltaic warm water generator unit.