Develop And Launch A Robust Practo Clone To Make It Big In The Telemedicine Industry
Lately, many services are available on-demand and the latest trend is Healthcare Apps like Practo. With AI-powered technology and VR in consultations, more patients are opting for such apps.

Surveys reveal that 50% of healthcare organizations are convinced that the quality of patient care has improved owing to Telemedicine Apps and 90% of healthcare organizations are working on their own Doctor Consultation App. 

If you’re a start-up looking for a business venture, launching your own Practo clone with our Telemedicine App Development services warrants immediate success.

Exclusive benefits of our Healthcare App Development

  • Precise and swift patient care

  • Accessibility in remote areas

  • Data management

  • Security and privacy boost

  • Easy access to patient info

  • Reduced time and cost

Widespread features of our Practo Clone App services

  • Interactive splash screen

  • View doctor details

  • EMR Integration

  • Multi-video conferencing 

  • Teleconsultations 

  • Records transfer

  • Digital prescriptions 

  • Software for billing

 Inoru Has The Best Doctor Consultation App Development Solutions 

  • Our scalable services will support your business as it exponentially grows.

  • The white-label nature of the On-Demand Doctor App will improve brand visibility.

  • The sleek design and interactive UI will ensure user engagement.

  • The 24X7 support services we provide is unmatched in the industry

  • We have a proficient team of developers and designers who create superlative products

The time has never been better to launch an On-Demand Doctor App to witness high returns! 

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