New Product Updates Include Intelligent Path Optimizer in Flows

MoEngage, the insights-led customer engagement platform, today announced several new product updates to fuel brands’ growth at its quarterly customer connect event, MoEngage NEXT.

MoEngage’s new offerings empower marketers and product owners to easily create insights-led customer journeys with richer insights, enhanced personalization, and simplified measurement across channels with more flexibility.

Q1 2021 updates include:

  • New easy-to-use, intuitive user interface – MoEngage fully revamped its UI to offer a better experience to marketers and product managers to segment, engage, and personalize journeys. “As our product capabilities continue to expand, we want to ensure our end user experience is simplified for our customers’ use cases,” said Ajay Kothapalli, Head of Product Design at MoEngage. “Our new design is minimal, yet contextual, and consistent across the platform.”