Content Marketing: 10 Tips to Create a Reader Base
Content Marketing: 10 Tips to Create a Reader Base
Content marketing strategy is essential for achieving traction in a content driven business.

Today a distinguished online presence and high preference from the target audience is a need for every company. It is a matter of engagement on various social media networks and channels. This is highly beneficial if you are running an e-commerce company. Triggering reactions on social media and blogs and consistently improving your audience base gives you more exposure to target prospects and that is the power of content marketing.


Consistency in content marketing promises you returning visitors that can eventually become your loyal customers. Content marketing strategy is essential for achieving traction in a content driven business. 

Here are the 10 steps to refine your content marketing strategy:

1.      Design a strategy and set yourself some objectives. Plan some actions towards your goal, which can be very diverse: attract traffic to your website, increase conversion, improve the corporate image, etc.

2.      Choose the most appropriate formats. There are numerous formats for sharing content: newsletter, presentation, info graphics, graphics, text, image,podcast, video, etc. You should assess which of them fit best with your brand and your products or service.

3.      Write magnetic headlines and titles. To a large extent, the success of content is marked by the title that crowns it. Choosing a good title, that is, a phrase that directly relates to the content that can be expected will increase the relevance and will directly help you to capture the interest of the visiting users.

4.      Count on your audience. Many interactions do not happen because of improper content and poor outreach methods.  The language, the tone, the channel you use can take you to a very different target. It is essential to know the user and guide the content to your target audience in order to achieve higher conversations and greater impact.


5.      Recycle your posts. Reusing content by updating it, improving it, changing the focus, can bring a new value to the contents shared in the past and allow saving time. The context of the content pieces may change over time and if you don’t modify them you are wasting a lot of targeted traffic that would otherwise engage with your pieces of content.

6.      Have abroad outreach. Don’t just adulate yourself. Avoid talking only about you and your brand rather talk in a broad sense where your brand fits in the content matter you are providing since you don’t want to brag about your possession. Focus on topics to add variety and avoid being monotonous.

7.      Think of SEO as well. It is important to consider SEO as an important factor during content marketing. Choose the right queries and keywords that can help you get more organic traffic. Create content for humans but don’t ditch SEO entirely. It is still necessary to get rankings and search engine presence along with content marketing.


8.      Improve your content distribution capacity. Make sure the content you create is shareable and suits all types of audiences. That way you increase its distribution capacity. Also distributing your content on variety of social media channels evokes reactions and interactions from the target audiences.These channels can be regularly used to share latest information, news and discussions. 

9.      Be different. If you replicate others or be indifferent you will end up with low value and less response. Find your unique selling proposition, a uniquetilt in marketing that nobody else has. Have a documented content marketing mission and stick to it.

10.   Monitor,Measure and improve. No strategy is valid for a lifetime since the digital marketing arena is very dynamic. For this reason it is vital to carry out statistics and evaluate the impacts of your marketing maneuvers according to your objectives. All metrics can have very favorable results when they serve to apply improvements to the work done.


Final word:

Content marketing demands focus, patience, strategy and execution. The application of these tips can help you to expand your online community, knowledge and reputation of your brand and,ultimately, all this will result in increased sales.