Common Classification Of Hinges
Common Classification Of Hinges
Hinges are a very important element for furniture or other parts.

What is a soft close hinge? The hinge is additionally known as a hinge or a door hinge. The hinge in the photograph beneath is a buffer hydraulic hinge, built-in spring, and a hydraulic cylinder, which is the embodiment of the high-grade spring hinge.


Full cowl (straight bend):

It means that the door panel covers the aspect panel of the cabinet, and there is a hole between the two so that the door can be opened smoothly. When the door is closed, the aspect panels of the cupboard are totally covered, and the aspect panels can't be seen.


Half cowl (middle bend):

Typically, it is used for two doorways sharing an aspect panel. There is a required minimal hole between them. It is normally used for left and proper aspect doors, and 1/2 of the aspect panels are viewed when the door is closed. The insurance distance of every door is correspondingly reduced, requiring the use of hinges with bent arms.


Built-in (big bend):

Large bends are additionally known as recessed, or uncovered, facet panels that are seen when the door is closed. In this case, the door is interior the cabinet, subsequent to the cupboard aspect panel. It additionally desires a hole so that the door can open smoothly. Requires a hinge with a very curved arm


Common classification of hinges

1. According to the kind of base, it is divided into two types: removable kind and constant type;

2. According to the kind of arm body, it is divided into two types: slide-in kind and card type;

3. According to the cowl role of the door panel, it can be divided into full cover (straight bend, straight arm) with a widespread cowl of 18 cm, half of the cowl (middle bend, curved arm) with a cowl of 9 cm, and the built-in (big bend, large bend) door panels are all hidden inside;

4. According to the fashion of hinge improvement stage, it is divided into one-stage pressure hinge, two-stage pressure hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge, contact self-opening hinge, etc.;

5. According to the opening attitude of the hinge: usually 95-110 degrees, exclusive 25 degrees, 30 degrees, forty-five degrees, one hundred thirty-five degrees, a hundred sixty-five degrees, a hundred and eighty degrees, etc.;

6. According to the kind of hinge, it is divided into normal one- and two-stage pressure hinges, quick arm hinges, 26 cup micro hinges, marble hinges, aluminum body door hinges, different attitude hinges, glass hinges, rebound hinges, American hinges, hydraulic damper hinges, thick door hinges, etc.


Hinge installation, door hinge set up method, cupboard door hinge installation, cupboard door hinge adjustment:

Kaiwei will give an explanation for the set up of a sort of hardware add-ons "hinges" regularly used on the doorways of furnishings and cabinets. The feature can be stated to be the core of the furniture. It is additionally imperative to pick out a top fantastic hinge. An accurate fantastic hinge can noticeably expand the lifestyles of the furniture. At the identical time, the setup of the hinge is additionally very important. If the setup is now not good, the fixtures ride will be considerably discounted. The following Kaiwei will give an explanation for the setup technique of the hinge-in element for everyone.


There are more than a few sorts of hinges. We will provide an explanation for the most traditional fashion "35 cup damping hinge" on the market. First of all, we want to popularize the cowl function of the hinge. Generally, the hinge is divided into straight hinge (full cover), center bend (half cover), huge bend (without cover/built-in), these three cowl positions. Thick door hinge rebound hinge, glass hinge, distinctive perspective hinge, aluminum body door hinge, marble hinge, 26 cups micro hinge, American hinge, damping hinge,


Let's provide an explanation for the setup with the cupboard door with full cover. First, measure the thickness of the cupboard body. Kaiwei traditional hinges are appropriate for boards with a thickness of 13-21mm.


Open the cup gap on the cupboard door in accordance with the facts supplied with the aid of the manufacturer. The following corresponds to our Kaiwei information as an example.

Drill holes on each facet of the cupboard door.

Install the hinge cup on the cupboard door with screws on each side.

According to the setup dimension diagram, we can see that the backside seat set up records of the hinge is 37mm.

We use a device to draw a straight line to mark the role of the 37mm screw.

This hinge is a disassembly style. Press the tail buckle of the hinge as proven in the determine under to do away with the base of the hinge. If the hinge is constant and can't be removed, it can solely be hooked up directly.

Install the two hinge bases on the cupboard with screws

Fasten the hinge arm to the base, press down firmly with your fingers, and hear a click on to point out that the hinge is fastened.

At this point, the door hinges have been installed.