Clubhouse like app development
Launch A Audio Based Social Media App Like Clubhouse

Recent years have seen the evolution of social media into a variety of apps There is a purpose for every social media app. Social media sites like Facebook connect with more people, while other social media sites like Twitter are great for sharing short pieces of content, Instagram This future has led to an increase in the number of audio-based social media applications. In the clubhouse, users create rooms to conduct meetings and discuss a variety of topics using an audio-based social media A lot of the time, this is a replacement for the social media craze that we've all been hooked Due to a variety of factors, the Clubhouse app is now only available to those who have. In Clubhouse, anyone can create a profile, as long as they are invited by a current member. This exclusivity has led people to expect that they will be able to create a profile Also, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk's sign-up has made an enormous buzz around this app. But unfortunately, not all people are ready to create a profile for themselves.

For those entrepreneurs who are intrigued by the buzz surrounding audio-based social media platforms and are looking to create their own, we can help. Clubhouse App, the audio-based platform with rooms to host meetings and participate, is provided by INORU as a white-l Leverage the excitement around this newcomer on social media and launch an app with us directly

Before concluding, let's take a look at the revenue


When you own a social media app, the most popular way to make money is by allowing other businesses to advertise on your platform.

Subscription to Premium Services

With features such as invite-only registration, Clubhouse clone is an app of exclusivity that Your customers will be more than happy to pay you for the premium features, as long as you add

Physical Objects

An app like Clubhouse is going to have a huge following. This group is often targeted with merchandise bearing the app's logo. Profits will accrue as a result of this, as well as

In-App Purchases

In many cases, an online marketplace is built into the app, allowing users to sell their products. Most of the time, a small fee is charged That's not to say that this isn't

The market is going to adore this, so get in on the ground floor now.