Climbing the Steps to Success in Making a Static Page Using WordPress
Climbing the Steps to Success in Making a Static Page Using WordPress
The most widely used software in the world of internet business today is WordPress marketing. Most people believe that WordPress is only used to create a blog; The truth is you have the opportunity to use it for almost every type of site you want to wake up.

You can also take advantage of your site's affiliate marketing side. Let me show you a simple way to set a static page using this platform.

First, you must be connected to the admin page from your dashboard. When you log in, just pursue these easy steps in creating a static page on your WordPress.

1. Now you have to go to the side of your admin and create an empty page that will be your home page, you can call it whatever you want. The most rational name you can use is "home". This area is now your new WordPress sheet. It's important that you provide this zero-setting page.

2. Then we need another blank page, but in this case you need to find this site the name you want, just like what was done in the previous step. We also have to remember to provide this page order number for example ninety-nine. When your website allows you to build a page template, then you will be able to allocate your plan in this step. These templates will mostly go to your default blog. Get to know about Wix vs WordPress via visiting

3. The last step to create a static page to WordPress is to do your dashboard settings tab on the admin page and then click Read to start the page. Above this page, you will find the Static Page option page. After this is done, open the first page and then select the title you call your home in the first stage of the process. Finally after all these steps are complete, select the name for the post page.

If you do all this in the right way, you now have a static page on the first page of your website. Your posts will also appear on the post page. Using a static page will allow you to update this page regularly and will help in your search engine rates.

Remember that being above in a search engine will be your way to get more visitors to your website. WordPress is a very great tool that stands out for business owners available online today. This helps create all their sites; Is the website or complete blog. You can get to know about dedicated wordpress hosting via visiting