Career Exploration Course Helps Teens, Youth Avoid Career Traps
Based on the award-winning book, by Tamara S. Raymond, "Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career"

Innovative Management Consulting, Inc. (IMC) announces the release date of its signature youth course, Careering for Youth: The Online Coaching Edition for Saturday, November 14, 2020, in celebration of November’s National Career Development Month. The launch date coincides with the anniversary of the award-winning book Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career upon which the course is based.

“IMC is committed to championing youth, teens and young adults to step into the leader within, invest in themselves and actualize their full potential. Events like National Career Development Month are instrumental in bringing awareness to the importance of the career exploration process for young people,” says Tamara S. Raymond, IMC founder and president, based in Hampton Roads, Va. “IMC is thrilled to offer multiple Careering for Youth platforms to engage, inspire and support teens and young adults early on in identifying their strengths, skills, talents, passions and discovering professional opportunities speaking to their unique future-career goals.”

The book and course aim to propel high-school and college-aged students into landing the right career.

“We’re excited to offer deep discounts on the Careering e-book and online course during the month of November,” said Raymond, a leadership coach, youth career strategist and author of the pocket guide.

Raymond facilitates the seven-part audio-visual downloadable course with corresponding worksheets. She guides teens and young adults through in-depth, exploratory exercises that cover such topics as:

  • Using extra-curriculars and people, place and event resources to identify and “test out” interests, talents and skills
  • Building and growing their professional network
  • Applying for and interviewing well at jobs
  • Gaining valuable insight on appropriate social media conduct in today’s digital environment
  • Learning what to do once they’ve been hired

“My goal with the Careering series of resources is to help teens step up and take charge of their future in an accountable and responsible way. And to bring fun and engagement to the amazing adventure of discovering what’s next for them in life,” says Raymond. “My hope is to bring a sense of ease and purpose as they move forward in exploring what life has to offer; and to create a whole new positive perspective to their thoughts about the future.”

Since its release in 2017, the Careering book has been gaining in its popularity. It has been well-received by educators, guidance counselors, parents and students. To date, the book has also garnered over a dozen awards including a Book Excellence Award in (2020) and Royal Dragonfly Book Award Certificate of Excellence in Literature (2019) in Young Adult Non-Fiction.

Whereas the Careering pocket guide presents a comprehensive narrative version of the career exploration process in a compact format, the course offers a self-paced, one-on-one coaching experience.

“I received feedback from teens and their parents wanting a more in-depth, softer approach using what I consider more of a mentor-coach model. Using this approach readily meets individual needs; addresses differing learning styles and, best of all, meets young people wherever they are,” she said.

Raymond recommends the course for teens and tweens who have no idea where to start – or for students who might be doubting if what they’ve chosen is the right path for them.

“The Careering book provides a non-judgmental space to explore in a way that allows young people to own the process and exploration. It also offers validation for teens who’ve begun the work by providing a deeper exploration with a coaching approach.”

Careering for Youth: The Online Coaching Edition course is available on and at It is currently discounted at $757, marked down from $1,225, through Nov. 30, 2020.

For more information on the award-winning Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career paperback, e-book and audiobook, visit The e-book is currently marked down to $1.99 through Nov. 30, 2020.

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