Boost your crypto trading business with our advanced Localbitcoins clone script
Boost your crypto trading business with our advanced Localbitcoins clone script
Obtain a premium localbitcoins clone script from pioneers of CES, that replicates fast, secure and seamless transactions just like the localbitcoins exchange composing of its primary features.

Are you planning to invest in a secure crypto exchange platform? If yes, choosing our 100% decentralized Local bitcoin clone script is the best-recommended option you should opt as it offers various improved features to boost your ROI. With several advantages like P2P trading, real-time pricing structure secured trading which is supported by Escrow, automated trading facilities and many more, we ensure to deliver the best customized Localbitcoins clone app to enhance your income levels. 


What is Localbitcoins clone script?


The LocalBitcoins clone script is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange website that allows the users to buy or sell bitcoins, post ads and many more. The following are the features of the Localbitcoins clone script.


  • Enables multiple payment modes

  • Integration of multicurrency wallet

  • Fingerprint authentication

  • Voice chat encryption

  • Transaction history can be extracted


Pros of launching a Localbitcoin Exchange script 


  • Enable user-friendly mobile trading 

  • Preferring to utilize

    Local Bitcoin Exchange

    helps you to render increased security to the users which helps you to attain high ROI

  • Exchange from anywhere anytime without any hassle

  • Increased brand reputation


The aforementioned pointers clearly stated why it is necessary to invest in our Localbitcoin Exchange script. Reach out to our astute developer team to attain a profitable crypto exchange Localbitcoins clone app to amplify your earnings.