Big News in Crypto World Degenomics' releasing staking platform for $SHELON and $CPEPE
Big News in Crypto World Degenomics' releasing staking platform for $SHELON and $CPEPE
Investors now get more value when they stake their tokens.

MELBOURNE, OCTOBER 30, 2022 - Popular Metaverse Token $SHELON is all set to chart a new course and scale great heights. In order to beat the looming recession blues, it is ready to implement a staking feature. According to reports, there will now be a staking platform called $SLOTH for $SHELON and $CPEPE from developer Degenomics. The platform can be used by other meme tokens as well. Simply put, when Investors stake their tokens, they will now receive greater benefits with the staking.

Just a couple of weeks ago, $SHELON launched a new set of NFT's even bigger than the previous ones. Titled as WomenInNFTs, these tokens were released as a massive tribute to women in the crypto industry. For those who think this industry isn't made for women or that it is too technical for women, these NFT's by $SHELON will serve as a reminder of the thousands of women working in virtually every crypto company and occupying all sorts of positions, right from a Developer to the Senior Manager to CTO to CEO and everything in between. This tribute has popularized the tokens across the world of crypto and elevated the $SHELON brand. 

"The new progress we have made is surreal to us. We are thankful to Degenomics for being a huge part of $SHELON and this is only going to get better. Our recent NFT's have have made a lot of money and increased the assessed value manifold. With Degenomics, not only are $SHELON and $CPEPE going to the next level but they're also going to get stronger and more valuable as tokens as well. As for the rumoured global challenges, we assure everyone that we are fully covered and prepared for everything. There's nothing that can shake our foundation. So keep staking $SHELON and keep making more on your investments!", said the founder of Shelon.


Shelon is an $LVM Reflection Metaverse Token and NFT marketplace. It is currently the number one Metaverse Memecoin leaving behind almost every other Memecoin, including the popular ones.

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