Best International Travel Credit Cards in India
Best International Travel Credit Cards in India
India is seeing several international credit cards on offer as the number of international travelers is on a steady rise. Check out the top 5 international travel credit cards in India.

Are you dreaming of international travel, but worried about the payment hassles of transacting in a foreign currency? Travel credit cards are the answer! What are travel credit cards? 

As the name implies, these credit cards are specifically designed for frequent travellers. These are reward cards that offer various travel-related perks like elite member status on airlines, hotel chains, free lounge access, air miles accumulation, and more. They are ideal for all types of travellers - leisure and business. 

Travel credit cards offer accelerated rewards earned when compared to regular credit cards. Every transaction you make using the card, helps you earn travel-related rewards. Redeem the accumulated rewards for free travel or discounts on flight and hotel bookings. Another huge perk of travel credit cards is that the foreign currency transaction fee is minimum, when compared to other regular credit cards. 

With leisure travel - domestic and international - on pause, you can use your travel credit cards to earn rewards now and redeem it on your future travels. Each traveller has a distinct set of priorities. Hence, make sure to compare the features and benefits, so that you can choose the best travel credit card that suits your needs. 

Top 5 International Travel Credit Cards in India

1. Citibank Premiermiles Credit Card

Citibank provides a great option to travellers with the Premiermiles credit card. This comes with complimentary offers on air travel in partnership with more than 100 airlines around the world. Users who are frequent flyers can earn airline miles. Accumulated air miles can be redeemed against future bookings. Rewards can also be redeemed for car rentals and booking a hotel stay. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this card:

  • Use the credit card to make transactions and continue to earn air miles which can be redeemed at bookings for nearly 100 domestic and international airlines.
  • Users can choose to transfer the accumulated miles to the bank’s associate airline or a partner hotel.
  • 10,000 reward points can be availed by spending more than Rs. 1,000 within 60 days of the card issue date.
  • Renewal of the card can also earn up to 3000 airline miles.
  • 10 airline miles can be earned on every Rs. 100 expense on flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals at
  • 10 miles can be earned on every spending of Rs. 100 on airline bookings across the globe.
  • 10 miles can be earned on every spending of Rs. 100 at Citibank’s associate online traders.
  • 4 miles to be earned on every spending of Rs. 100 for all the other transactions made using this card.
  • The accumulated miles are valid for a lifetime. 
  • As part of the Frequent Flyer Program, users can book airline tickets across the globe and earn 10 miles per Rs. 100 worth of expenditure. It allows users to accumulate additional FFP miles to fly with the same airline in the future.
  • One frequent flyer mile can be earned on every 2 miles that you transfer to one of the following:
  • British Airways
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Qatar Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • Air India
  • Etihad Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Eva Air.
  • Airport lounge access can be availed across the country.
  • Charges:
  • Interest rate is variable and could range from 37.20% to 42% p.a.
  • Annual Fee on this card is Rs. 3,000.

2. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

Known to be one of the best credit cards for international travel, the Platinum travel credit card lets you earn miles along with reward points. These points can be redeemed at any of the airlines. The card offers a range of benefits making it an ideal option for international travel. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this card:

  • 5000 Membership points are offered on this card as a welcome gift. These can be converted into Rs.4,000 worth of Indigo Vouchers.
  • Upon spending Rs. 1.90 lakhs per year, you can get Rs. 7,700 worth of Indigo Vouchers.
  • Expenditure worth Rs. 4 lakhs per year can earn you vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 of Taj Group and Rs. 11,800 of Indigo vouchers.
  • Free airport lounge access across 30 lounges in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc can be availed with this card.
  • 3% cashback is offered on top fuel stations across the country.
  • 1 reward point can be earned upon spending of Rs. 50. This excludes cash transactions, fuel spends, expenditure related to utilities and insurance.

Fees and Interest

  • Joining Fees on this card is Rs. 3,500.
  • Interest charged is 40.2% per annum.
  • Annual Fees on this card is Rs. 5,000.

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