Benefits of owning a Gojek clone app and its revenue model
Benefits of owning a Gojek clone app and its revenue model
Gojek Clone App Development

Gojek app is a multi-service app that is extensively used by the people. The app services are classified into three categories: delivery services, rental services, and on-demand professional services. Apart from the benefits of the app like Gojek offers for the users, the application is beneficial for the entrepreneurs taking up the business as well. 

Let us look at the benefits offered by Gojek clone app for the entrepreneurs:

Comfortable Handle: Admin can easily manage their business using the comprehensive dashboard. They can view the revenue generated in each service by clicking on it. Admin can see the number of customers, reviews & ratings posted, customer queries in every segment. The Gojek app clone has a simple layout for efficient management.  

Generate more Revenue: As Gojek clone is a multiservices app, admins can gain a cumulative profit for all the services. It is like owning several apps. Research has resulted to an outcome stating that they can earn twice as much revenue as single service applications.

Reduction in Maintenance: Every application requires regular maintenance to improve its functioning. So it would work easier for the app owners to manage the services in a single place instead of managing several applications. This Gojek clone script is capable of handling a massive number of customers as the app developers have anticipated the need for such services and built the multi-services app to do so.

The revenue model of Gojek clone

Commission from merchants

Gojek clone app acts as a platform for the merchants to sell the products. So the merchants are to pay a nominal fee as a commission for every product which is sold through the platform. The agreement can vary according to the app owner. As mentioned above, some merchants pay according to every order, while others share a part of their profits with Gojek clone’s admin.

Commission from delivery executive/drivers

This type of commission charges is based on the secondary model. In this revenue model, drivers and delivery agents need to pay a commission for every customer request they serve. It is a beneficial model for drivers and delivery agents as there is no limit for the income they can earn through these services.

Service charges from customers

Consumers need to pay a small amount as a service charge to the Gojek app owner for bringing a host of services to their doorstep. This service charge is integrated into their bill, and they can pay it during the checkout phase.


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