Benefits of doing BBA in Punjab
Benefits of doing BBA in Punjab
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is usually a 3-year undergraduate business management program that offers a comprehensive understanding of management functions and the business environment.

Benefits of doing BBA in Punjab

After the completion of 12th class exams, the major focus of a candidate shifts to choosing a professional program that can help them realize their dream career. While career options in medicine, engineering, science, and commerce dominate some candidates’ choices after their higher secondary education, management courses such as BBA at the undergraduate level offer unmatched opportunities in the corporate sector and business management field to the aspirants.

BBA course and its benefits

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is usually a 3-year undergraduate business management program that offers a comprehensive understanding of management functions and the business environment. The course helps the candidates to develop their problem-solving abilities and leadership qualities which are required in today’s complex and competitive business environment. It brings you closer to the world of business management and also helps you to grasp knowledge to make business decisions like an expert.

If you desire to become an entrepreneur, this course will help you to think more precisely about various aspects of running a business. There are several top BBA colleges in Punjab offering quality management education to make their candidate's industry ready.


India's evolution as an emerging economic power is proving to be fertile ground for MBA graduates because it's easier to navigate unstructured markets with a structured mind. Companies are constantly looking to expand in India and other similar emerging economies, e they need professionals trained in economics and management to guide their growth.

The increase in domestic and foreign demand coupled with expansion in almost all sectors of the economy are expected to cause a surge in India’s

Right after 12th, many students make the mistake of joining a course just for the heck of it. However, students who are truly serious about their future will choose the BBA course as this course has a lot of scopes – professionally and personally.

Professionally, with a BBA degree, you can join any industry of your choice. If you like retail, you can join retail, if you like banking, you can also become a banker. Personally, this course will help you become a healthy, confident person who is also a good leader.

BBA Eligibility

You need to have certain qualifications if you want to pursue BBA. There are other factors as well, but they may differ from college to college. However, these are the criteria that you need to fit into.

You need to be 12th pass from a recognized board of education.

You need to have a certain percentage score decided by the BBA College to which you are seeking admission.

Many BBA colleges also have entrance exams for admission to the BBA course. You need to clear these entrance exams

BBA Specialisations

1. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is on the way out, and digital marketing is replacing it. With this specialization, you learn how to market your company’s products and services online by creating and executing strategies, making brands, leveraging social media, and more.


2. Human Resources

 The biggest asset a company has are the employees, and human resources are all about managing them and keeping them happy. In the specialization, you will learn how to hire, manage and retain talent for the company. You also play an important part in the organizational functioning of the company.

3. Business Analytics

This specialization allows you to analyze business data with the help of software. Business analytics is the way most businesses analyze their data to make strategies for the future of the business. Business analytics experts earn an excellent living as they find an important position in the management of an organization.



This specialization is related to management accounting. Management accounting is much more detailed and in-depth than bookkeeping. The US CMA certification specialization is a globally recognized certification, which opens doors toward employment overseas in international companies.

5. Logistics Management

In product-based companies, supply chains and logistics are like the blood flow of the company. In this specialization, you learn how to manage logistics and supply chains to ensure the company’s products are manufactured and supplied according to demand.

Career & Job Opportunities After BBA 

Marketing Executive

HR Manager

Research & Development Manager

Sales Executives

Accounting Manager

Check out some Top colleges in punjab

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

Lovely Professional University

Chandigarh Group of Colleges

Chandigarh University

Chitkara University

Adesh Institute of Engineering and Technology

GNA University, Phagwara. 


Sant Baba Bhag Singh University, Jalandhar.