Bad Credit Loans With No Guarantor, No Broker - Direct Lender
Bad Credit Loans With No Guarantor, No Broker - Direct Lender
Very bad credit loans with ?no guarantor ?no broker ?no fees ?no credit check. Get fast loans without guarantor on instant decision from direct lender.

Bad Credit Loans With No Guarantor, No Broker - Direct Lender

Get reliable deals on fast loans with no guarantor needed. Send your loan application and get approval on instant decision followed by same day fund disbursal. Specialised deals on very bad credit loans from direct lender in the UK are waiting for you. Apply to get benefits like:

Come Direct to us, we'll fund you instantly


Do you not have anyone to back you while making the loan repayments?
Are you getting continuous loan rejection from mainstream lenders due to no guarantor?

There is no need to worry about this constraint. You have much better option or perhaps the easiest way to get the loan approval. We are talking about no guarantor loans.

These are short-term loans available easily during the financial emergency when you do not have enough time to approach someone to take your guarantee. Such loans can be more useful for those having the poor credit history.

FocusLoans, as the dependable credit provider in the UK, gives importance to individual conditions more than the credit history if the borrower needs fund urgently.

Since these loans do not require collateral, they are also called unsecured loans without guarantor. The loan amount depends on the present financial status of the borrower. We offer no guarantor loan deals on manageable interest rates and based on affordability assessment to avoid loan defaults.

A faster fund disbursement is critical at the time of an emergency. We understand there is no time to waste on the lengthy approval process that can take weeks. Therefore, our lending process consists of four simple and quick steps to ensure fund disbursement within 24 hours.

It depends on the individual situation and financial status to decide whether loans without guarantor are the right choice or not. Some research on the internet will give you enough information about the available options and offers. Your focus should remain on lower APR and manageable instalments than the interest rates on cards. We recommend you ask the following question to yourself before applying for money loans with no guarantor.

Any expert will recommend you to assess the personal finance carefully before signing a loan application. A needlessly heavy loan can create overwhelming stress on your budget and may cause missed payments or default. These are the factors to consider before you make a final decision -

Note: Focus Loans don’t charge any upfront or hidden fees from our customers.

No guarantor loans don’t require a perfect credit score to get approval. However, these are not to be confused with loans for bad credit as there are some differences. Refer the table below to know more about the two loan types.

A credit check is mandatory to assess the financial condition of the applicants and the risk associated with the profile. Majority of the lenders will reject the application if the borrower has a history of missed payments. As the new-age lender, we emphasise on the PRESENT FINANCIAL STATUS more than the previous behaviour.

You will find the other lenders run a hard credit check on the credit history that leaves its trails. These enquiries hurt your credit ratings as they show your desperation for a loan. Your chances to get approval for a loan in future take a serious hit with all these credit checks and rejections. Therefore, we run a soft credit check to allow smooth approval.

You don’t have to think of the negative impact of a credit check when you sign a loan application at FL. We perform soft enquiries to avoid any presence of it on credit history. You need to submit the account statement where we assess the income to check affordability.

You must have a stable income source to take out money. It can be either a full-time job or self-employment, but it is likely that you are out of work when you need money urgently. This is why we provide no guarantor loans for unemployed. To have the loan approved, you must have the income from any of the following sources:

When you apply for loans with no job required, we ensure that you do not borrow more than your affordability.

We serve as an alternative to the strict eligibility criteria and lengthy approval process of traditional financial institution. You can refer to the following table on why we perform better than the several other mainstream lenders in the market.

During the financial emergency, you cannot wait for the opportunity to come at your door. Everything should be done quickly and that is what we offer to you. Apply now for no guarantor loans without brokers now and get approval today.

Yes, you can apply for a loan with no guarantor even if you have a very bad credit rating. You can get funds from direct lender as long as you are able to prove your repayment capacity. Our policy works in favour of borrowers, which is why we offer these loans at affordable interest rates.

First off, you should research to get a lender who offers lower interest rates. Once you have decided it, submit the application form online. The disbursal limit varies from lender to lender, so make sure that you are not borrowing more than they lend. Try to choose a lender who runs a soft credit check.

Some lenders are ready to lend you no guarantor loans with no credit check, but beware of them. You are likely to fall in a predatory cycle of debt as they charge very high interest rates. We run a soft credit check that does not leave footprints on your report. This is why you do not need to be afraid of losing your credit score.

If you are looking to apply for no guarantor loans at affordable interest rates, you must consider FL. Having a decent income source can help you quickly get funds. Further, our interest rates are competitive and we approve your application after analysing your affordability.

Not at all, each lender has its own lending policy regarding the interest rates and it is not necessary that if one is not offering your low priced funding that other will follow the same. You should consider multiple options before taking the final decision.

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