Backup & Restore from VestaCP
Backup & Restore from VestaCP
You will be able to create a backup and restore it from VestaCP easily. VestaCP helps you to manage your clients and websites on your server with ease. When your site goes down you can quickly take the live site by restoring the backups available, as VestaCP offers quick and easy backup and you can restore it wherever you want

Create Backup in VestaCP:

Firstly log into your VestaCP control panel using the below link, and select ‘Backup’ from the main menu and then choose the ‘Create Backup’ option. This would initiate your backup process with the following message ‘’Task has been added to the queue.

You will receive an email notification when your backup is ready for download.”
https://{Enter your server IP address or hostname}:8083
Your backup will be available on the same page itself and you can download them easily.

Note: It is advisable to have off-site backups so that you can restore them whenever you want.

Restore from a VestaCP Backup:

You saw how to create a backup in VestaCP, now you will see how to restore your backup from a VestaCP. You can follow the below given two steps to restore the backup from VestaCP.

Step 1:

  1. Now, use the link to log in to your VestaCP control panel. https://{Enter your server IP address or hostname}:8083
  2. You can either log in as an admin or a user. When you are in the VestaCP control panel as an admin or user, click on the “Backup” tab.
  3. Then, you will now see a list of backups for a logged-in user. If you are logged in as a user, you will see a list of the logged-in user’s backups, and you can restore any of the backups. Once chosen, click the “CONFIGURE RESTORE SETTINGS” option next to the backup you want to restore. Note: Only if you move your mouse cursor to the backup, the option will appear.
  4. The backup’s contents are now listed as a web domain, mail domain, DNS domain, etc. Now click on the green play icon “RESTORE ALL” to restore all. Then it will recover all the data.
  5. Or, you can also restore any one of the listed resources from the backup by clicking on the restore button next to it.
  6. After you select the “RESTORE” button, the backup restoration process will be queued, and the message will appear. You can dismiss the pop-up by clicking OK.

The recovery may take a few minutes to finish. Once completed, you will get an e-mail confirming the restoration of your data to your registered e-mail address.


Let’s see how to restore a backup from VestaCP with a single command via SSH. SSH into your server and then locate where your backup is stored. Let’s say your backup name is ‘admin.xx-xx-xx.tar’, now you can use the command to restore it.

v-restore-user admin admin.xx-xx-xx.tar
If you are doing this for any of your users then use;
v-restore-user new user newuser.xx-xx-xx.tar

As the backup of your users will be named in format. If you don’t have a user account and when the command is executed the user account will be automatically created. 

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